Thursday, January 04, 2007

The House That Jack Russell Built

Staying with the topic of domestic animals, the canines round here must have had a good Christmas, if the size and number of barker's nests on the East Cliff pavements is anything to go by.

The one outside the old cliff top mansion recently would surely have required planning permission, although I suspect our local crap planning department were under the impression that it was only going to be single storey, rather than the full double decker.

So I'm going to get in touch with that nice Kevin McCloud from Channel 4's Grand Designs programme. He once featured a fellow who was determined to construct a house out of straw, so I'm sure he'll be interested in my proposal to for a poo house on the corner.


Snailspace said...

Wind in the Willows maybe

Anonymous said...

Or how about Turd of Turd Hall?

Justin Brown said...

Maybe just a large shed?