Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Down The Pan

With the skiing season almost upon us, I thought I'd pop over to Margate this morning and see those jolly chaps at Warreners in preparation for my annual trip to the Val d'Isere.

Trouble was, when I got there, they'd upped ski sticks and vamoosed. Next stop Woolworths, avoiding the door that's been stoved in after some nefarious doings last week. Great, they had plenty of copies of the DVD I wanted on the shelf. Er, no, actually all they had was empty DVD cases, the actual DVDs were out of stock.

Still, if I need to revamp the ensuite, the good news is that a new tile shop will soon be opening in the 'arty' old town. Presumably it will be called The Tile Gallery, to complement The Bathroom Gallery round the corner.

Now all they need is a Bog Gallery and a Bidet Gallery, and the transformation of Margate through arts regeneration will be complete!


Snailspace said...

I know Margate is a bit of a crap hole at the moment but do we need the toilt humour

Anonymous said...

It's bog standard for Margate isn't it?

txtr said...

. knckg Marg8 - Marg8 is Margr8!

Ellee said...

Lucky you, I wish I was off skiing too. Have a great time.