Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Beverley Hills Flop

Looks like I've gone down like a cup of cold sick here in LA, but so what? All the houses in Beverley Hills resemble uberkhazis anyway, not unlike our very own Granville Theatre-ma. And Sunset Strip makes Westworld Cross look stylish!

So I've pointed the old Chevvy Malibu towards, er, Malibu. I've got a chum who lives in San Fran, so a pootle up the old Pacific Coast Highway is in order.

I must say, whenever I travel to the States, I'm always reminded of various third world countries I've visited. Beautiful scenery, but poorly maintained, badly lit roads. And don't bother looking for a sign to your next destination as you rattle along in your brand new car which sounds as if the hire company has gone for the bag of dessicated ferrets' knackers in the dashboard option, and goes round corners with about as much precision as an oil tanker.

And the money! It's all the same. Same size, same colour, just different beards and numbers! And their president's a nincompoop, but he's also in charge of their army!

Third world I tell you, third world.


Lucy Mail said...

Possibly fourth, or even fifth, maybe.

Anonymous said...

Other reasons for the US being third world:

- Powdered coffee creamer
- All US television