Friday, January 19, 2007

The Margate Effect

Margate, Tasmania. Population 958.

The venue doesn’t look very promising for a post-modern, post-alternative comedy gig, but I’m going to jolly well give it my best shot. I expect I'll require more than one Cascade Draught just to get on stage.

Scouting around the town’s amenities earlier, I came across this:

A train that hasn’t pulled out of the station for many a year, now converted into shops. Unfortunately, not all of them appear to be thriving:

It’s enough to make a chap homesick!


Nethercourt said...

Imitation, the finest flattery, but where are the scorch marks? Oh, and the litter....

Justin Brown said...

Not to mention faeces, which would be very unlike me, indeed!

Eastcliff Richard said...

Yet to see a barker's nest on the pavements over here. And whole towns have been declared 'Butt Free Zones'. That's cigarette butts, Justin, before you start getting on your high horse!

Justin Brown said...

Don't talk to me about high whores! I've still yet to forgive Mary for all those shenanigans of last week!
If you really wanted to avoid confusion, you could have said 'Fag Free Zones'.
Hmmm, I'm starting to wonder if there's not some kind of conspiracy surfacing here. Either that or I'm still suffering the after-effects of that bloody Mary.