Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Great Incinerate Debate

I almost choked on my mint imperial on the way to my Chelsea pied-à-terre this morning, in preparation for my flight to Oz.

Thrashing the TT up the M2, I accidentally tuned in to BBC Radio London. Apparently there's a big stink about an incinerator they want to build in Bexley. All the old nappies from the well-to-do boroughs in West London are going to be shipped out to Kent, where the waft of burning Pampers will be less intrusive.

One chap phoned in to suggest an alternative location. "There's a disused power station between Sandwich and Ramsgate, why can't the bloody thing go there?" he blurted.

Yes. Jolly good idea. They're already building one incinerator at Richborough, they could just hide the other one behind it. In fact why not use them as cover for my nuclear power plant? Nobody will ever know. Perfect!

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Anonymous said...

Why can't it go in Kensington Garden suburb?