Sunday, January 14, 2007

Queen Of Australia

Well I seem to be going down a storm here in Oz! Already my first show (Kyneton RSL) is sold out, and I've been featured in the Herald Sun (today's headline: Tax On Rain!)

Tomorrow I'm viewing a $3m cliff top mansion in Sorrento, where I'll apparently be able to rub shoulders with such well-known names as, er, Anthony Baillieu and, um, Ken Roche AO (not sure what the AO stands for). Just a little bolt-hole for me when I'm in the southern hemisphere.

Oh, and I've been presented with an official commemoration 50c piece, marking the 50th anniversary of Dame Edna Everage. It's got Dame Edna on the front, and the Queen on the back.

Ah, the Aussies, they've got their priorities sorted!


Willie Wombat said...

May I suggest, old chap, that you turn the coin over. It'll make you feel better.

Unlike the cricket!

Eastcliff Richard said...

What cricket? Has there been some cricket?

Willie Wombat said...

Nothing that you could call cricket, really.

Eastcliff Richard said...