Sunday, January 21, 2007

Map Of Tassie

Best draw a line under that Margate gig. How was I to know that most Australian homes burst into flames entirely spontaneously on a regular basis?

I did meet one dedicated fan, though, who told me she only had two bookmarks on her browser – Google and Eastcliff Richard. She added that she once made the unfortunate mistake of clicking on Margate’s Very Own Alan Partridge’s blog, and had formed the opinion it was so dreadful, it must have been dreamt up by yours truly. I had to reassure the poor deluded woman that, despite being a confirmed fantasist, not even I could have envisioned a comic character as authentic as Mr Crackers.

So, time for a spot of sightseeing. Studying my map of Tassie, several tourist hotspots catch my eye, viz:

- Golf Museum. Hmm, perhaps a trifle dull.
- Sauce Factory. Maybe not enough time to catch up with that.
- Dismal Swamp. Er...
- Historic Power Station. Yep, that’s the one for me!

Then it’s off to wow the Kiwis. See you in Auckland!


Ed. said...

Get your arse back here pronto- whole place gone to peices. Nothing posted by Ms Lucy since scathing attack on Mr. Arse (worrying). Plot for BB you suggested all getting bit out of hand - nuclear exchange with India not in original budget. REPEAT - ARSE BACK HERE SOONEST!!
(Railings still up though)

Justin Brown said...

Ironic that people should find themselves complaining angrily about railings. You could chase yourself up your own backside with that sort of thing!

adem said...

Maybe we could be twinned with Tassie. It sounds just like Thanet.

I can feel my tears welling up....

Anonymous said...

Perhaps we could rename it Thanetmania?

Willie Wombat said...

Dedicated fan?

Poor lady, she needs to get herself a life!

Unless, of course, she is Mrs Eastcliff. In which case, it is too late.