Sunday, January 14, 2007

More Juicy Bits

10 March 2006

Krakatoa, East Of Ramsgate

Glancing through one of Thanet's more upmarket publications, an advertisement caught my eye.

"Add sophistication to your function," it said.

Sophistication, eh? That could be right up my street. I'm always on the lookout for ways to pep up my garden parties. What could it be? A troupe of performing Indian elephants? A Buckingham Palace-sized marquee, perhaps? Or maybe a new home performance service from the English National Opera?

"Add sophistication to your function. The Chocolate Volcano. Indulge in all of your desires. Details to hire the Chocolate Fountain etc etc"

You can imagine my disappointment.


anonymouse said...

I am as confused as the film was- are you now East or West of your chocolate eruption?

Eastcliff Richard said...

These days chocolate eruptions seem to be springing up everywhere. Even our council hired one for its staff awaydays, according to the Gazunder. So you're never far from one whether it be north, south, east or west!

Justin Brown said...

Chocolate whirlpools are the way to go, I think. Or maybe a black chocolate hole that collapses in on itself under the influence of it's own gravity.
I strongly suspect that that's what happened to Barry White, just before he expired.
I also suspect that those chocolate chip cookies that my friend Mary Anna Green made for me earlier weren't all that they seemed.
Are they supposed to taste of lawn?
Think I'll just go for a bit of a lie down in the fridge.