Thursday, July 01, 2010

Ramsgate To Get Jamie Oliver Treatment

I'm not talking here about the recent handbags at dawn between Sainsbury's favourite chef and the ConDem Health Minister, Andrew Lansley.

No, it appears that Jamie Oliver's TV production company Fresh One is making a Hotel Inspector style series for Five (Channel Five in old money). And their first target is a restaurant in Ramsgate!

They've imaginatively called the show The Restaurant Inspector. I think you get the idea. But if you haven't got the idea, the idea is that they take my old chum Fernando Peire to a restaurant, and he inspects it. Fernando, as the cognoscenti will know, is the boss of ever-booked sleb-haunt The Ivy, where I've spent many a happy hour listening to Kerry Katona howling into her pud on the other side of the room.

According to the Press Association, the hour-long programme, due to air this autumn, will see Fernando take on a yet un-named family-run restaurant in Ramsgate. Well, un-named until now, that is, as I can exclusively reveal that it's the excellent Alexandra Ristorante on Harbour Parade, where filming has been taking place over the past few months.

Well, what's the point of being a media luvvy if you can't not keep a secret?! Mwah!


Anonymous said...

anon again!
Lovely picture of the Harbour. I was there today and saw 2 (two) dredgers working full out. What's going on? Is really being got ready for some big stuff?
If so, there had better be some good eatery's ready for the tourists!

Anonymous said...

They have to work flat out, have you seen the tiny scoops on them? Wonder how much that's costing?

Not that I mind. Ramsgate looks stunning in all this lovely weather we've been having and deserves the royal treatment for a change. There's been too much emphasis on polishing the turd that is Margate.

Satisfied customer said...

I'm perfectly happy with Alexandra's as it is!! If it ain't broke why fix it?

Anonymous said...

The beauty of Alexandras is it's simplicity. The food is fabulous and reasonably priced and I really hope they haven't spoiled that.

Anonymous said...

I see their website is under reconstruction prior to a relaunch. Perhaps they're going for a whole new look?

Anonymous said...

They appear to have a new menu.