Saturday, July 24, 2010

Wish You Were Here?

Regular contributor Millicent has sent me this charming postcard from Das Kunstbunker, aka the Turner Contemporary. She writes: 'It was given out free at an event I attended. According to the back, KCC, TDC and the Arts Council have all paid for this wonderful view of the Turner Contemporary under construction in 2010. Hardly the most awe-inspiring topic is it?'

Oh well, just wait until it's finished Millicent. Although that could be a big ask if the ConDem coalition pushes through its threatened 25% cuts in arts grants. Who knows, it could suffer the same fate as some of the schools round here. If that were the case, the lucky locals who were offered sneak peeks today could be some of its only visitors!

Still, the Turner could always go begging. Which, in fact, it has. All you have to do is pop along to the Just Giving website and pledge your sovs. Mind you, most Thanetians wouldn't stretch to 50p for the meter to keep their gran's life support machine going, so good luck to them with that.

And talking of Thanetians, I hear that many talented and well qualified DFLs have been rejected without even an interview for the slew of jobs that recently went begging at the Turner, purely for the crime of putting a Thanet postcode on their CV!


Anonymous said...

Hang on, this can't be right! Didn't Simon Moores get exceedingly vexed by wicked suggestions that TDC cash is involved in the Turnip? But perhaps postcards don't count - like the M&S building.

Anonymous said...

But I thought we already knew that the TDC council taxpayer will be subsidising the running costs to around the tune of a million a year?

Anonymous said...

Tax payers may be subsidising this venture but out of the KCC part of the taxes but I guess at the end of day its still cash from out pockets. How do you think tax payers in the west of the county feel about this? I dont think any of them will make the trip with galleries in London so easy to get to and full of real art.

Michael Child said...

The only measurable indicator of interest in the art projects paid for with public money so far that I could find, was when the Turner Contemporary commissioned some videos of their events.

The videos have a counter on them and although they have been removed from the galleries website now, at various times the gallery either embedded them in their website or linked to them, the net result of this was that hardly anyone watched them.

The only days that the videos got any significant viewings was when I embedded them in my own blog to make the point that there was virtually no interest in the activities of the gallery, nationally, locally, internationally, no one much seems interested.

Here is the link to the videos I wont bother to comment on their content.

The problem is that what the people running the gallery so far perceive as being art is something that most ordinary people wouldn’t recognise as are, outside of the context of it either being in an art gallery or them being told that it is art.

What they appear to be creating here is a highly elitist attraction in an area where the elite that the gallery is aimed at simply don’t exist.

Anonymous said...

What is Chambers' Dictionary refering to when it says?:

"a great useless structure, or one left unfinished, having been begun without a reckoning of the cost."

Anonymous said...

Dunno. The war in Iraq?

Anonymous said...

The North Thanet tories unhealthy dealings with young pussies.

(Child porn download allegations and proven kitten cruelty)

More emerges.

When they want to order an unsavoury download they despatch a bluenote.

Anonymous said...

What to order a Jolly Roger film ?

Anonymous said...

Seeing most of our council tax goes to KCC we certainly will be paying for it. Ref the jobs, its a bit like senior managers directors etc for tdc don't apply if you live in thanet. Anybody who works for tdc should live in thanet, local jobs for local people.

Anonymous said...

ECR I hope you will permit me to publish this email I sent to Cllr Latchford re reports to me of comments made anonymously on your blog:

Thanks Richard Card

Dear Cllr Latchford

Further to my recent email herewith a linkie re the previously attached correspondence document "Jimbo 4"

I am told that an anon blogger, thought to be a Thanet tory, has boasted on East Cliff Richard blog of twenty years service with the medals to prove it etc (Usual Thanet tory rhetoric in my experience and I have not bothered reading it TBH, I accept the report that it is archetypal self vaunting ad hominem fallacy Thanet tory drivel)

In that attached document you see two names one of which is YATES.

Here is a relevant press report:

I think one of the men the anon tory seems to be arguing with actually witnessed live fire training of unidentified middle easterners at the 6th Thanet Range. (I am aware of TWO such witnesses identified to Police by me)

If the anon blogger has served twenty years in the forces it seems tragic he never gained enough bottle in that time to identify himself.

However I bring TWO facts to your attention. Middle Easterners were witnessed conducting paramilitary training at a range on your Birchington turf. The Telegraph report refers to training conducted to that MO.

So, especially weighing the Telegraph report Colonel, don't you think the question "Who was conducting live fire paramilitary training in Thanet" is a compelling question ?

Or are you going to be the second Thanet tory to quote or use the title of commissioned rank but actually to visit upon it a disgrace of indifferent disregard for your duties to HM The Queen ?

You can also see another name in that attached document. It is a name which featured in the murder inquiry into 6th Thanet member Ken Speakman's murder isn't it ?

And you have separately attached a picture of that same man. Does he not answer the description given by Mrs Mortlock in that same matter, Ken Speakman murder inquiry ?

So what did your colleague Hayton say in High Court evidence in 1998 on behalf of former tory cllr George Richard Maison ? In the same area of accusation as Mrs Mortlock's information to the Spekaman murder inquiry. Physical assault attempting to intimnidate her into silence. What did HAYTON say about that on oath Colonel ??

What were your colleagues Daly and Watt-Ruffell up to at Margate Charter Trustees trying to sustain public funding for Kent Adventure Training Corps ? Shall we all keep quiet and not at least question the motives for running a private Thanet pseudo military cadets group when one of those tories anxious to keep it funded is now facing child porno download charges in the most serious category ?

It has been suggested to me that the anon blogger of the self proclaimed military experience may actually be a tory cllr. If this is so any time he cares to stop trying to back stab from anonymity and fancies trying it face on let's get it on.

I would much rather that you acknowledge that there are serious public interest and security of the realm issues to be pursued yet. I would rather that you acknowledge that Thanet tories should hang their heads in shame at their obstruction of pursuit of the issues.

Best wishes Richard

Anonymous said...

anon again!
I think the 'turnip' should be converted to something like the 'Eden Project'. When I was down Cornwall larst week, we visited, along with about 10,000 others, the Project. To be frank and honest, I don't think Turnip will pull more than that a year.

Anonymous said...

ECR, you seem to have at least one, if not more, persons infesting your blog who think it OK to make scurrilous allegations about various councillors and police officers under pseudonyms or Anonymous labels. Whilst this is in order for them they instantly attack anyone who questions their malicious, unfounded gossip.

As to the proposed face to face from the Anonymous contributor who signs himself as Richard, though evidently from his low IQ is not the real Richard of internastional blog fame, anytime is the answer. How about Margate clocktower at 8AM on 26 July. Come alone wearing a red carnation and I will pop down from Fort Hill similarly attired.

And there was I stupidily thinking this exchange was supposed to be about the Turner.

Bluenote said...

Actually this postcard is a work of fine photographic contempory art but it takes an 'eminous' mind to be able to appreciate it. Perhaps a dog turd on the sidewalk or an overflowing trash can may have been more appropriate, particularly in Margate.

PS - See the CIA are back in force and I get a couple of mentions in dispatches even before I have contributed. Now that is fame!

Anonymous said...

Bluenote a former penny, sorry a copper - as the penny has just dropped.

Bluenote the noise of a speeding car...whilst not as fast as a speeding bullet!!!

Bluenote said...

8:53AM, you are close my friend but not the kind you are accustomed to I'm sure. Just have a sort of professional kinship with the boys in blue but you always thought the 'blue' bit was Tory I guess. Shows you should never jump to conclusions.

Anonymous said...

anon again!


Richard Eastcliff said...

For the record this item is about the Turner Contemporary.

However it appears to have been hijacked and forced to fly into Arlington House with a full complement of innocent blogging bystanders.

Rick, I understand your desire to get at the truth, but I'd ask you to refrain from publishing any more of these allegations here. There's a time and a place, and all you're going to achieve, if I have to initiate comment moderation, is a stifling of debate.

I'm happier than most to tolerate off colour comments which is why, I hope, people feel that this blog is a useful place to let off steam. I can accommodate some mud-slinging and sniping from the sidelines, but trench warfare can get a little dull and costly in my experience

Now, if you and anon do meet up at Margate Clocktower tomorrow morning, I expect you both to play nicely. No eye gouging or spitting please! I'd hate to think this blog was responsible for anyone getting physically hurt.


Richard Eastcliff

Anonymous said...

Coo! Wharralotta bleating old sheep.

Anonymous said...

It's here. It's going to open. It's going to be great.Get over it.

I am insulted that a pleb like me is assumed to have no interest in art.
We're not all ice skaters.

Anonymous said...

Ice skaters pay for their pastime, 11.36. Why should we be expected to "get over" paying millions for plebs like you to amble around an eyesore art gallery?

Anonymous said...

"It's here. It's going to open. It's going to be great.Get over it."

And if it isn't great who will be accountable?

We are supposed to live in a democracy. This hugely expensive project has been pushed through without informing the electorate about the costs. Now that it's a done deal the true cost is seeping out and it's eye-watering. We can't stop the money being spent. That much is true. But we can insist that those who are and have been responsible for the project take personal responsibility for ensuring that it is worth every penny that has been spent. If not, they should be dismissed and should never again be permitted to hold a position of responsibility where public funds are concerned. Perhaps a small room, 8ft x 10ft would be appropriate?

Anonymous said...

ECR, just to put your mind at rest the Clock Tower meet up, or should that be non-meet up, passed without ABH. Wandered along but no sign of a red carnation or likely wearer. Anyway would have only tried to clear the air as not into fisticuffs with 'Walter Mitty' OAPs.

Sorry this is not about the Turner, though I did stroll by it on my way, but it closes a chapter.

Anonymous said...


I can assure you that I am accustomed to many aspects of what keeps the realm safe (if you could call it that)

Perhaps you should extend the Carnation meeting to me?



Richard Eastcliff said...

Thanks for that 9:39am. Much relieved!

Bluenote said...

Y22, just picked up your post browsing through back items and you seem to be confusing me with someone else.

I post as Bluenote, a name chosen more from musical association than political, so that others can follow the thread of my contributions to a debate. Others post Anonymously, as is their choice, some supporting my view and others against. It is written debate or the airing of views but there are those who get too wound up about it or seem to deny others the right to differing opinions.

It gets seriously silly when, what for many is an enjoyable pastime, becomes insulting, personalised or, in the extreme case, results in invitations to pistols at dawn.

Please, this is the 21st century. Enjoy the debate but leave out the
cowboy stuff.

Richard Eastcliff said...

I'll drink to that!

Anonymous said...

Cowboys...drinking - yippee I am in the Big Country.

The Elephant is most definitely in the room.

Bluenote for the record I personally witnessed some dodgy practises at the Range in question - and as I have some serious range management background. I did question the activities with higher formation Including plod guess what nothing? I also did raise a certain matter of a gun being pulled on me - again nothing.

No Walter Mitty involvement at all!

I am now going to raise this again further up the chain and lets see where this so called cowboy herds the cows...stampede ahead boys.

The Genie is just about to come out of the box - and plod aint going to thank Bluenote, neither are some certain people at a certain Ministry.

Y22 is a military call sign

Bluenote said...

12;57PM, if you really witnessed irregular practices at the aforesaid shooting range, of which I have no personal experience, then it is only right that you should 'blow the gaff' as it were. I wish you the best of luck with your campaign but it has nothing to do with me nor am I quaking in my boots at a knock on my door from the law of even the suited men from the Ministry.

Thought you were using Y22 as an identification to seperate you from all the other Anons. There are many military call signs but knowing some means nothing. They are evn used by the ATC.

Anonymous said...

Margate now renamed Plug Ugly Margate