Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Quay Hole Surgery

Holy harbours! The salty seamen down in our lovely naval basin tell me that this hole, which has hastily been covered up with a metal Band-Aid, was caused by the boat hoist going through the tarmac! Here's the boat hoist:

The idea is it picks your floating gin palace up out of the water, and then drives it to the quay on the right where you can scrub the barnacles off your poop deck at your leisure.

Apparently it went in right up to its, er, ankles. But fortunately it wasn't carrying my £250K Sunseeker, or anybody else's, at the time.

It just goes to show what a parlous state the Cecil Square Duffers have allowed Ramsgate's Royal Harbour to get into. No wonder the marina lost one of its coveted Golden Anchors earlier this year.

Our beloved council have now fessed up, and the island's hacks were apparently invited down there to gawp today. According to my matelot mates, as part of the council's proposed groovy new staff structure at Maritime Services, there won't even be a full time engineer down there in future. I presume that's something the local scribblers weren't told!


Anonymous said...

ECR just been on one of those costumed tours of the harbour, how commendable when worthy individuals do something public spirited for the greater good! Excellent informative evening, i never knew why the Royal temple yacht club got its name or the origin of the obelisk! Hurrah for anything which isnt run by TDC! Shall be trotting out for the tour next week - about time you gave them a bit of PR i think!

Richard Eastcliff said...

Actually they're listed in my What's On In Thanet section in the column on the right.

And if you enjoyed that, look out for Ramsgate's Summer Squall festival at the end of August. It'll be chock full of similar goodies. All organised by public spirited individuals who love Ramsgate (rather than next month's Monster Bass festival, which is organised by TDC and is therefore bound to be a fizzer!)

Anonymous said...

Triffic cones tho (geddit?)

Readit said...

The home of costumed walks


Anonymous said...

I hear they have known about the weakness in the quay all year but after spending the best part of a million on dredging they don't want to spend anymore of the sqillions given to them by vattenfall.
The scuttlebut says the fuel barge is dangerous and one of the dockmasters was nearly seriously injured hse involved etc. The electrics are likely to kill someone, so the gin palaces are staying away in the their droves.