Saturday, July 10, 2010

Silly Cnut

Lumme! Have those wacky Top Gear types been up to their madcap larks again? Have they been filming another of their hugely entertaining and not at all formulaic 'challenges', this time driving a Mercedes estate from Broadstairs to Belgium without using a road?

No. In fact this chap reversed into the sea yesterday to get his boat out and got stuck. Then the tide came in. As it inevitably does. That's going to take a bit of, er, valeting.

Thanks to reader George for the footage.


Anonymous said...

which beach?

Richard Eastcliff said...

George didn't specify. But from the background it looks like one of those beaches to the north of the town, like Stone Bay.

Anonymous said...

Just south of the sailing school. By the way the Police did nothing except say "that's the sort of thing that gets in the papers". Does anybody know if it's still there?

Anonymous said...

anon again!
OMG, memories, I near did that myself but on the slipway at Margate Harbour. Car on slipway, boat in Harbour - car key snapped in half under duress in pocket.
Plenty of idiots gawping, laughing, with no-one willing to help. Except one young lad who ran with the key to a locksmith and back, but it was closed.
(Water up to rear bumper)
I don't know what made me think of it, but I had some selotape in the glovebox, so stuck the key together on one side. It worked. I got the car out of danger, reloaded my boat and went home.
The boy disappeared without me being able to Thank him properly, so thanks to you whoever/wherever you are

Anonymous said...

i thought it was our woger inspecting the harbour after a couple of stiff tinctures and forgot some dredging had been done-shame most of the ferries have left though.