Friday, July 23, 2010

A Bunch Of Anchors

Regular contributor Walter emails me to say: 'I dropped into the new visitor centre in the Custom House today to find that the Port of Ramsgate (wish you were here) cards exclaim that the harbour has four gold anchors. A quick visit elsewhere indicated that they have only three.'

Well spotted Walter! For earlier this year it was a case of 'anchors away!' when the Yacht Harbour Association removed one of their nautical plaudits, due the parlous state of, well, just about everything in our lovely marina. Give that man a, er, gold star!

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Anonymous said...

If I sold a watch claiming it was 24ct gold when it was in fact only 18ct I would quite rightly be done under the trades description act. There's a job there for someone, going through the cards and crossing one anchor off. Actually it might be better to grab a few as they are bound to be collectors items for a few years to come seeing the state of play in the harbour.