Monday, July 12, 2010

How Many Councillors Does It Take To Change A Lightbulb?

More than 16, it would seem, if this photo I was sent is anything to go by. It's from the interior of Ramsgate's teeny-tiny council HQ at the new Old Custom House, where only three bulbs on these magnificent chandeliers appear to be working.

I know some councillors can barely make it to the full 40 watts on their own account, but you'd think they'd want their brand new building to look a bit flasher than this! If they're bent on saving dosh and going Green (Geddit!?!???!) then they could invest in some of those energy saving bulbs that go on until the last trump and cost 3p a year to illuminate.

What with this and the lights out on the East Pier, it's all a sad cry from the days when the Millionaires' Playground prided itself on its illuminations. As we saw recently from our local biblio-bloke's blog, a mere 60 years ago our Mayor was proudly switching on 25,000 coloured lamps and expressing the hope that Ramsgate might become the Blackpool of the south, or that in future Blackpool might be known as the Ramsgate of the north.

I suppose these days the boast would be we're the black hole of Thanet!


Anonymous said...

Is it not stylesish -no flash and no substance

Richard Eastcliff said...

Hoho! Yes, that's, er, Styles' Council for you!

Michael Child said...

Not the mayor Richard; glamorous film star Dinah Sheridan flipped the inaugural switch. After some serious historical research I have discovered the following information “Miss Sheridan’s buttonhole lable waggishly read “Chief Electrician.”

Here is part of one local paper account: “Undaunted by the shower and the fact that the parasol meant to protect her would not open, Miss Sheridan pushed the red handle, the tidal ball became a tapering pyramid of light, rockets shot from the end of the east pier in a shower of flame and sparks, and Ramsgate’s Festival of Light was a noisy, happy fact.”

Not sure if I should say thanks for the plug, as it looks like the pictures use so much ink, that the booklet will probably cost more to print than it will sell for. I hadn’t factored in the problems caused by all of the pictures being taken at night, perhaps I should be using black paper, any ideas?

As for the historical context of the chandeliers, probably best if I don’t say much as I am sure this was all done in the best possible taste.

Richard Eastcliff said...

Best possible taste, yes. Design by Cupid Stunt.

Forget Dinah Sheridan, I doubt if we could even get Kerry Katona to come along and switch them on!

Readit said...

Who needs celebs when we have "switched on " ECR

He would get in a right mucking fuddle.

Richard Eastcliff said...

As there's barely enough wattage there to illuminate a jam sandwich, I'd be more than happy to come out of hiding and do the honours, Mr Readit. My anonymity would be assured!

Anonymous said...

Probably a form for the bulbs is sitting on a desk awaiting approval.Then sent to maintence to install the bulbs, they will ensure the necessary safety issues are comformed to etc

Anonymous said...

Apparently the head honcho of tdc grandly titled chief executive could have done with some lights out the other day when one of his team came into his office thinking it was empty and found 2 heads very close together, not even a rizzla could get past their lips.
close budget coordination apparently.

Anonymous said...

anon again!
Where are the 'energy saving' bulbs we are ALL supposed to be using nowadays?
If the TDC cannot set an example to the Public they "serve", then why should we pay Council Tax?
Anyway, screw the lightbulbs, when is my street going to be swept? Only been done once this year.

Anonymous said...

These stories do get around look for a red faced director of finance, or could it be fiancé

Anonymous said...

ref street sweeping, they only send the machines out on bank holidays and sundays so they can pay the crew double time!!!you know it makes

ascu75 aka Don said...

I spotted a street cleaning machine today in Margate. Must be our turn this week

Anonymous said...

anon again!
This year!

In Cornwall, raining, chilly.