Sunday, July 11, 2010

Night Flight Blight Back

Yikes! I see The Duffers have put all-night knackered old jumbos on the agenda again! The council's Airport Working Party is set to meet on the 19th, and one of the items for discussion is 'Night Time Flying Policy' (aka the Stanstedification of Ramsgate and Herne Bay).

Meanwhile, I've been doing some background research on the new boss of RAF Chas 'n' Dave Manston Margate International. Infratil's new wunderkind, Charles Buchanan, used to be variously Head of Business Development ('Sales' in old money), Director of Strategy ('Thinking') and Director of Communications ('Bullshit') at London City Airport, before disappearing for a while and then turning up at Manston.

Charlie boy was put in the firing line by his bosses when London City applied to expand, and was described as 'the smug toad who sat crossed armed laughing and smiling at protesters and residents.' Ooh look, there's more here:

Such was the anger he instilled that people actually shouted at the speaker to ask him to stop his smug, smarmy little smirks. Such was people's ire after watching his actions at the planning meeting, we were inundated by upset people offering help and assistance.

Looks like Infartil have hired a right Charlie!

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Anonymous said...

It aint no good putting a new captain on a ship that is sinking,he will sink with it,

Rear view mirror said...

Are they finally going to bring the regulations in line with the rest of the UK? It might allow Manston to compete with other airports on even terms!

Anonymous said...

I have a theory that anybody who bought a house in the flight path after the night-flight proposals were announced will be able to sue the Council. The night-flight proposal isn't showing up on searches because the council hasn't told Infratil that it needs planning permission. They're trying to smuggle it through the back-door. People who move into the area are paying for searches that don't tell them the most important thing they need to know. I wouldn't be surprised if estate agents are supposed to tell people about this too. I wonder how many are giving their clinets the full picture.

Anonymous said...

ditto aquifer remediation at Thor and Sericol.

" Responding to your search request
Under the Environmental Information Regulation 2004, the Council has 20 days to provide information following a search request. Under normal circumstances the Environmental Protection Unit will respond sooner.

On receiving your request for information, if appropriate payment is not already enclosed, the Environmental Protection Unit will contact you to discuss your search requirements and inform you of the search fee. Before completing the search full payment will usually be required.

Costs and Payments
The cost of a search is based on the average time taken for an officer to research information available within the Environmental Protection Unit and prepare a response.

The costs for each search are provided within the above boxes. The Environmental Protection Unit will not usually complete a search until full payment is received."

So what have you been up to Thanet Council, Estate Agents and Solicitors ???

The aquifer truths should have blighted Thanet property prices by now.

Anonymous said...

This will be like you ECR, smug smarmy and smirking staring at the mirror.

I still don't understand how you were stupid enough find a home under the flight path, priceless! given your aversion to aviation.

Anonymous said...

Smug, smirking, smarmy, smiling, smurfy ECR and maybe not his branda jazz

puffinman said...

9-39..The reason you don't understand
why people live under a flight path, is because you're a nobhead.

Just because you buy a house that was there before any airport, does not exclude you from complaining about noisey old aircraft, or unnecessary night flights.

Peter Checksfield said...


Anonymous said...

As always the directors of tdc are trying to push this through, so they live in thanet. NO does it affect their quality of life NO. Do they care what the residents of thanet think or want NO. so there you have it the NO's win.

Richard Eastcliff said...

I'm not against aviation, 9:39am. I'm against night flights. There were no night flights when I moved here.

As for being smug, smarmy, smirking and stupid, I'll take that any day over being a fat, fatuous, fatheaded twat.

Anonymous said...

Take the twat bit off ECR, they can be usefull sometimes.

Anonymous said...

You live next to a leafy lane. The Council comes along and tells you they're turning it into a new motorway. You have no right to complain because you should have anticipated this. You knew there was a road there.

So it is with the airport. You knew there was a derelict cold-war runway in the vicinity. You should have had the foresight to realize that it could be reopened as the next London airport.

Sadly, I'm not a gypsy fortune-teller, and so, I thought it might just fade into obscurity (as most/all other cold-war airfields have done). I just wish I was as clever as the old codgers who always knew that it was going to be a monstrously successful airport.

P.S. Has anybody else been following the MK bankruptcy saga? Considering they were such a successful enterprise they lost an awful lot of money.

P.P.S. Would any of you gypsies out there care to lay a little wager with me? I don't think Manston will be operating as an airport this time next year. If you have looked into your crystal ball and know the future perhaps you'd care to put your money where your mouth is?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the Eastcliff mansion should be converted for suitable use fit for a house under the flightpath - HMO for drug users, single mums, care in the community etc.

You can then go live off the taxpayer funded proceeds in the northforeland, swap the prius for a rangie and bake the mrs until she's orange.

It's what everyone else does .

Fly by night said...

I always leave this comment...

Manston has been an active working airport for DECADES. Noone has the right to moan if they bought their place under the flightpath, ethere's always a threat it could become a massive international success (Yes I know chances are quite slim) but it has been that way for a long time.

But coming from someone who's lived under the flight path for many years, and bought her house knowing these facts, I do not complain and wish it every success! Even when a nice jumbo lands in my garden at 12.15am..

Tis your own fault.. swallow it, get over it and move on or go back to the rock you crawled out from.

Anonymous said...

"Or go back to the rock you crawled out from."

That just about sums up the attitude of airport supporters. Crass, rude, bullies who don't give a sh1t about the environment.

I was in two minds about night flights. That last comment has convinced me they will be bad for Ramsgate.

puffinman said...

When I moved into my house there was Nuclear power, wars, traffic etc, so am I not allowed to moan about any of these either?

"Even when a nice jumbo lands in my garden at 12.15am.." You numpty!!!

Anonymous said...

Night numpty aka known as bag lady in a 747 garden...nice to know that you can get a crew in to do a lawn - a certain freight 747 company tried that in Halifax the lawn won!!!

Manston has no planning permission so please do crawl back under your rock.

Anonymous said...

A garden full of off-duty male trolley-dollies. Now there's a thought to gladden a boy's heart.

Nick O'Philia said...

Dead ones too!

Bluenote said...

The MK aircrew who died in Canada were human beings with families. Do you sad lot really think that tragedy is a suitable subject for silly humour? Knocking TDC is one thing but sick jokes at the expense of an aircraft disaster, just because you don't like night flights, is something else again.

Anonymous said...

'Sad', 'sick'. Your opinion only Bluescroat.

Let me guess. You're over 70 and vote Conservative.

Anonymous said...

When someone dies it is usually traumatic time for their friends and families. This does not automatically mean that the company they worked for is a fine upstanding institution. In the case of MK Airlines it was losing money hand over fist and ended up going bankrupt owning money to many people, including the staff.

I just think the blinkered airport supporters ought to take heed of what has been going on at Manston: Wiggins lost millions and went bust; EUjet lost millions, went bust and left thousands stranded abroad; MK lost millions and went bust. To date, Infratil has lost millions....what do you think will happen next?

Richard Eastcliff said...

Nice to see my old comedy chum Frankie Boyle dropping in at 12:56pm there.

Bluenote said...

4:11 PM, what exactly has age or political persuassion got to do with showing some deference towards the dead. Perhaps you think that only elderly Tories are capable of such respect and, just maybe, you could have a point.

Anonymous said...

Bluenote. We were talking about MK Airlines being the pits and you chipped in with irrelevant comments about aircrew who died in Canada. Nobody was interested in talking about that. Personally, I think it crass and insensitive of you to be using these deaths as a cheap way of scoring points on a blog bulletin board. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Go back to the Council chamber where you belong.

Bluenote said...

Anonymous, I only 'chipped in' because other correspondents had referred to the dead aircrew in the discussion which I considered poor taste. Otherwise it was a debate which did not interest me knowing little or nothing about MK airlines and having an open mind on the future of Manston.

Perhaps you might have noticed that I have not commented on much else lately for I am not really that excited by many of the topics. I am certainly not the politically active, council loving character you seem to think.

However, since you are so keen on your assumptions about me, let me guess about you. It would be that you are a blinkered bigot whose only way of countering anything you disagree with is to insult and dismiss the contributor. You have a love of silly name distortiions like 'Bluecroats' and, no dout, vote Labour. Very sad!