Thursday, July 08, 2010

Back To The Future

Mooching through some of the Thanet films my old factotum Mr Ceaucescu (no relation) used to throw together in between masticating in the ensuite, it struck me how much improved Margate Harbour Arm is these days.

Only three years ago it was derelict and vandalised, as this grab from Margate - The Last Resort demonstrates:

Mooching along the East Pier in our lovely Ramsgate Royal Harbour the other day, it struck me how derelict and vandalised it is these days, as this photo demonstrates:

Only three years ago, these lights were a twinkly feature of the harbour after dusk. Now the pier's dark of an evening, and you'd be lucky to find a single light that hasn't been knackerated.

Of course, the council will blame the scallywags.

Of course, I will blame the council for not installing vandal proof lighting in the first place.

And the moral of this tale? Well, despite being unsurpassed at playing with their spheres while Thanet burns, it would appear that the Cecil Square duffers can only cope with juggling one ball at a time. Find a grant, do it up, let it rot. Find a grant, do it up, let it rot. No wonder I'm getting a horrible feeling of deja vu!


Anonymous said...

Oh I remember this one...all that money -and what a waste it was!!!

Once again the council WERE LIGHTING EXPERTS IN HISTORIC look at it.

Told you so TDC and once again they knew better and yet again another costly mistake ignored by the Auditors.


Anonymous said...

anon again!
TDC is great, they should all be promoted and posted to Iceland!
Iceland has loads of money, not only from the TD, but also KCC.

Anonymous said...

Things will all change once the Tory Party 'moves' have taken place.

What with Shirl and Zena trying to jump ship to Labour, things will soon be all up in the air again!

Anonymous said...

Who is Zena and why would Labour want her and Shirley anyway?

Anonymous said...

I want Zena and Shirley. Please wrap them up and send them round to my place.

Anonymous said...

Flowers and gardens come to mind!!!

Standards get your TDC?

Anonymous said...

Oh very "Whore to culture" Al.

Anonymous said...

I'm lost. What are all these references to Shirley, Zena, gardens and flowers all about?

Why would two Tory councillors (I'm assuming that's who this refers to) jump ship and would another party, political that is, want them?

Anonymous said...

Here we go again, the merry go round that comes around!!

First a Mayoress resigns due to "personal reasons" then separates from the Mayor and is seen out and about with a new man. The Mayor then resigns after a drawn out saga of kitten cruelty and is under investigation for expenses during his term in office.

Now the current Mayoress is under investigation for flowers and plants and other "perks" recieved from a staff member (pun intended). What a shower they all are!

Anonymous said...

And former Councillor Dahlia, a favourite of an ex-mayor, may yet emerge as a feature amongst the border sweet pea delphiniums.

Time for the glass house.

Anonymous said...

Oh do i detect the subtle comments coming from Cllr Notingham?

Anonymous said...

Wrong 11.35 but I may see your thinking. Cllr Simes the Intrepid Aviator having all the harder standards row to hoe, against Nottingham, without treading on the grasses in his garden. Simes keeping his garden hoser reeled out of sight in the decaying French styled summer house (la maison).

ascu75 aka Don said...

I can remember some friends in Southport saying how expensive vandal proof lights on the new pier (southports) were but at least they have never been broken. So all in all they were cheaper in the long run.

Anonymous said...


How right you are. I actually tried to discuss this with an offwicer of TDC that they had set about this in a stupid way - and stupidly TDC carried on regardless.

They have another problem as the state of the wiring and the sighting of the lights is leading to the structure being compromised. I feel another complaint to EH is in order here.


Anonymous said...

Quess the comunity police etc are too busy issuing 80 quids fines, and busy raising revenues.To police trival things like vandalism at the pier does not appear a priority etc. Any crime there solved will only result in a few community hours for the offender etc.