Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Goodness Gracious, Great Walls Of Mire!

Pootling around the interwhatsit just now, I thought I'd cop a butcher's at the Great Wall of Ramsgate website. The Great Wall is, if you remember, GO'D's project to get the Pleasurama/Royal Sands eyesore hoarding plastered. In paintings.

So far there ain't much to see, apart from the above Photoshop mock-up. Can anyone spot the deliberate error?


Anonymous said...

Should it not be spelled "RAMSGIT"

Art lover said...

You're behind the times ECR - ten paintings went up there tonight - looks good now!!

Anonymous said...

When you look from the clifftop you can see that the new wall has been built four feet forward of the old wall, taking another four feet of the promenade. Who's willing to bet we don't get the four feet back if they ever start building the flats?

Anonymous said...

left the initial p off the word ramsgate

they're always taking the p out of pramsgate

wonder why???

Anonymous said...

The title is wrong, it should read "Great Walls of Fire" to reflect the true origins of this fiasco!

Anonymous said...

As one who only occasionally visits Ramsgate and then invariably only for Michael's book shop or to replenish the wine rack from Waitrose, I have not seen the offending wall.

It does seem a long running saga, though, and I recall a local estate agent opening a branch by the harbour as the flagship salesroom for the new waterfront apartments. That has long gone and still no apartments. Mind you the same agent once had a 'Sold for Redevelopment' board on the power station at Richborough so forward planning seems not to be his speciality!

All far removed from childhood and teenage memories of 'Merrie England' and the Coronation Ballroom. Maybe time for the 'millionairs' to kick some ass over in the playground.

Anonymous said...

The gate is no longer possessive in the case of the Ram?

Gerald said...

to: 10:45

There's a boundary marked on the promenade in brass studs that are set into the paving stones. This appears to be a constant distance (of a few meters) on the beach side of the old fence. [Its probably mainly hidden now by the new fence.]

I believe it was planned that the businesses on the ground floor of the Royal Sands would have a 'pavement licence'. My guess is that the brass-stud-boundary is probably the limit on how far the businesses are allowed to encroach onto the promenade.

I think we will probably get the promenade back, but the part you were talking about might be covered in chairs and tables for any new restaurants.

Anonymous said...

The Only Gay In the Village
by councillor Mark Nottingham.

Here in Kent the Conservative Party has a long tradition of homophobia. It took a hard line on Section 28 that made it the backwoodsmen’s backwoods. Enough of these outdoor allusions!

Some Thanet Conservative councillors, such as Chris Wells and Margaret Sheldrick have a strong record on gay rights. Others though remain uncomfortable with the idea of lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) equality. You’ll not find them racing to photo opportunities for Margate Pride.

This matters. Thanet District Council is unrepresentative of the community it serves. As far as I can find out, no LGB councillor has ever served Thanet. There are subtle and informal barriers to gaining selection and election.

I am saddened to hear that a LGB individual who wishes to become a Conservative councillor is encountering difficulties.

This individual has good press contacts and can attract media coverage. They have a record of serving their community and voluntary activity. They would be superior to several serving Conservative councillors.

But they face a problem. A notable Conservative individual is uncomfortable of any idea of a civic partnership. Perhaps they misheard and are confusing civic with civil! A subtle campaign is being waged to make it harder for this candidate to become a councillor.

So I hope those Conservatives with a sincere commitment to equality will intervene. This individual deserves their support so they are judged on their political views and competence, not their sex life.

I hope that the first LGB councillor is elected to Thanet District Council next May.

I will not post any comments that seek to identify any individual’s sexuality.

* That is a very important and interesting posted by borrowed from Mark Nottingham's blog due to its importance

Director Designate Turd Contemporary said...

The Pictures are up! The picture of Richborough cooling towers viewed from Pegwell Bay is breathtaking. Worthy of the some of the two million largesse that we local taxpayers are going to have to cough up for the Turd Contemporary each year. After all I need the 150K salary!

Go down and have a look!

Anonymous said...

What has the last entry by Mark Nottingham got to do with the Great Wall of Ramsgate. Is he also convinced that in the great Labour working class heartlands of the North there is universal acceptance of diversity. What some people will do for votes.

Anonymous said...

What's up, Mark? Nobody reading your blog so you decided to repeat it over here. Think you might find that most folk have had their fill of policitics, not to mention politicians, and get more fun reading about funny walls, kinky posters, strange art galleries and disused, except at night, airports.

Readit said...

Get down to GO'D's Contemporary.

Admission FREE

Anonymous said...

Its not Mark that posted it! It was a Tory voter that agrees with him. Everything in life is politics, at least it is with it concerns you

Michael Child said...

Richard I have put up pictures of the pictures, feel free to use them if you want.

Richard Eastcliff said...

Thanks Michael. It looks Ramsgreat! Or should that be Ramgreat?!?!??!!!

Michael Child said...

Having commented here I too the trouble to read the rest of the comment and noticed the bit of Mark’s post “The Only Gay in the Village” missed out the first paragraph that mentions me, some politicians and stuff, here it is.

“Michael Child recently posed the question on his Thanetonline blog about whether Thanet District Council was homophobic. Then David Davis MP commented that he considered the Conservative - Liberal Democrat coalition to be the “Brokeback Coalition”, referencing the iconic gay movie Brokeback Mountain. Alan Johnson MP commented on this that it was all a degree of trust, and that for some it was the “bareback coalition”.”

Anyone got any idea why, it does seem a bit strange to copy the title and the post but miss the first paragraph.

Anyway I have left a comment on Mark’s post.

Oh and Richard Ramsgreat I am sure old chap but you may need to seek counselling about that many exclamation marks.

Anonymous said...

You cannot be serious, 5:37 PM, what will these devious Tories do next. Fancy copying somebody's anti-Tory rhetoric from one blog onto another so more people get to read it. There is obviously a deep, dark purpose here but, for the life of me, I cannot work it out.