Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Never Let A Dayglo By

These bright orange 'Private Parking' signs in Pier Yard make an attractive addition to the heritage architecture, doncha think? Still, if I was paying close on a grand for the privilege of parking up my Priapus, I suppose I wouldn't want the oiks hogging my space either!


Michael Child said...

Certainly looks like someone has parked in someone’s designated space, also looks like the caps could be construed as shouting.

One way or another the council seems to have spent a lot of money reducing the parking in this part of Ramsgate.

Anonymous said...

I thought fly-posting was illegal. Don't suppose it went through any planning process.

Anonymous said...

Indeed. I think these posters are a lot more hideous than Marco's wife's breasts or bum. Shouldn't the Council step in?

Peter Checksfield said...

Where's Dr Moores when we need him?

Anonymous said...

It was probably the councillors doing this. Now they live in the Custom House they need somewhere to park, don'cha know?

Anonymous said...

anon again!
I've been trying to get 'Resident Only' parking down our street for years. We get twunts from nearby streets randomly leaving their vehicles from Friday afternoon till Monday morning, (vans too) in a small Cul-de-Sac.

Then these other Twunts, in your article, just come along and stick their little orange plaques on their posts - and - hey presto, it's done!
I have said many times, the TDC are out to fill their pockets with our cash, and screw their residents about.
This proves my point beyond all doubt.

Anonymous said...

Beggars belief a listed structure and we get day glow orange signs and a harbour full of sewage and detritus. Bit like the press releases etc that flow out of TDC.
You can have your own parking space for £750 a pop in pieryard, unless you work for TDC then of course you can have a complete multi-story carpark at no charge.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it is a conceptual thing.

Our parking spaces are very composed.

How about Denver booting the cars parked there and placing a dayglo warning on their screens "How reserved do you feel now c-nt ?"

Or the Thanet default position. Trash it.

Anonymous said...

Top Tip for TDC

Council have falling revenue in town centre car parks (as all the shops are now at Westwood, dumbo's), and remaining shopkeepers moaning at parking charges keeping business away.
All town centre surrounding streets and train station surrounding streets have very little if any parking restrictions. So train/town centre users park 5 mins walk from their destination for nothing, 24/7.

why not do what the rest of the county/country has for the past 20 years and impose resident only parking around towns/stations?

Hey presto, huge recurring annual credit on the balance sheet which will very quickly offset the debit caused by set-up costs; Town centre car parks now forced into use, causing up-tick in revenue and giving you the option to give, hold your breath, cheaper or zero parking costs for those parking for 1 or 2 hours only. All dayers pay.

Residents street are for residents, car parks for town centre/train users, council gets a new substantial revenue stream.

I suggested this to them when I moved here some years ago. Maybe they have other priorities.

Anonymous said...

Residents permits would certainly be useful in the West Cliff and East Cliff areas (along with proper enforcement). Also during the summer people don't park on the splendid seafront amenities the council has provided by turning all the seafront amenities into car parks when they want to go to the beach. They just park in residential areas and walk the five minutes. You can't blame them but it is very annoying when you have to park miles from home and have stuff to unload.

Anonymous said...

Surely these day glow parking signs should comply with EH guidance and planning controls...silly me TDC hasn't got any (control that is)...silly bunts.

Anonymous said...

I brought this to the attention of Planning Enforcement at TDC and have been told "Due to a change in the Councils enforcement protocol such matters are not considered to be a priority and therefore , it may be some time before its investigated."