Saturday, July 03, 2010

Ramsgate Man Chuffed Off With Hornby

By Isle of Thanet Gazunder Tourism Editor Sandy Gusset

A Ramsgate man has claimed his idea for a Hornby Museum on the isle has been stolen - by Hornby!

The Margate manufacturer opened its doors to visitors this weekend, with millions expected to marvel at the Scalextric cars, Airfix models and toy trains on display.

Now Thanet millionaire and socialite Richard Eastcliff, 29, says he wrote to the firm last year suggesting a Hornby visitor attraction in Ramsgate's former Motor Museum.

'I told their marketing manager it would be a fantastic addition to the island's range of indoor tourism offerings,' said Mr Eastcliff. He added he had even suggested a name - Hornbyland.

Mr Eastcliff says he is now working on an alternative attraction for the disused West Cliff Hall called ThanetWorld. 'It will be an intriguing tribute to Kent's Ramsgate Peninsula,' he said. 'We hope to attract thousands of visitors a week with our displays of hair straightening products, double glazing and bad tattoos.'

Hornby was unavailable for comment.

Richard Eastcliff is 29.


Anonymous said...

And a collection of old cigarette lighters, lucifers and swan vesta boxes.

Anonymous said...

Actually Richard, the Hornby museum has been on the cards for some time. When I was working for the superior free newspaper in Thanet two years ago, I wrote an article about Airfix and one of the people I spoke to at Hornby showed me around their collection at the time and said 'we're planning to turn this into a museum and tourist attraction.'

Sorry old sport, no moolah for thinking of the idea first!

John said...

Sounds like some really sour grapes here. Hornby have been around and giving pleasure to millions for years. What have you been doing Richard?

Anonymous said...

I remember suggesting to my mate Bill that he construct a computer program which presented information in viewing panes. The b*st*rd called them Windows and claimed he invented it himself. Now he's living in luxury and I clean windows for a living.

Anonymous said...

Well we do live in a Triang-gle...geddit - why do I bother.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Richard, how about investing some of your millions in a rival Horny Hobbies exhibition at the Cock House Museum. Should give ample pleasure to tourists and residents alike and attract more visitors than the Turnip Centre north of the divide!

Anonymous said...

Wow! John's comments really do prove that middle aged men who play with train sets don't have a sense of humour. And there was me thinking it was just a myth that they are all sad wankers.

Richard Eastcliff said...

To answer your question, John, I've been around and giving pleasure to millions for years.

Lucy Mail said...

Tell that to that fat, illiterate twat in Margate!

Anonymous said...

Enter to the Thanet Anthem sung by the Loops. First exhibit cannabis growing by Thanet Earth, Carpeting by Ezekiel's, CE mark exhibition by China Gateway.

Entertain with the Thanet Gateway hosted by retired skinhead, Dr No, who's moved on from the Library Gateway. The motto being offer all assistance short of help.

Artistic display of dumped waste and beer cans by Tracey Enim. Leave to Beethoven's Ode to Joy.

The possibilities are mind boggling. Go for it Richard

Anonymous said...

Actually, I first promoted the idea of a Hornby Museum when I worked there in the Work Study office in 1972. So it has taken a long time to happen, but then so have Dreamland, Arlington, Cliftonville Lido, Margate Caves et al.