Sunday, June 27, 2010

Thousands Watch Boat Burn In Broadstairs

Ha ha! No, not another of those 'earner burners' that are our speciality here in the tip of Kent. No, reader Colin writes:

Hi Ricky! As if to prove the old dictum that they'd flock to the opening of an envelope in Boredstares, there must have been thousands lining the cliff tops last night to watch a very small Viking boat being set on fire on the beach in Viking Bay.

Apparently it was all in aid of the 100th anniversary of Bradstow School and supported by Wandsworth Council and those Mears people who do public sector building maintenance, who had even brought a film crew all the way from Manchester to capture the momentous event. I suspect they won't be doing that in future, once Eric Pickles has got hold of them.

The cops were out in force, bumping up their overtime and pensions by ensuring the serried ranks of octogenarians didn't start a riot, but they were almost outnumbered by the health and safety police who had everything cordoned off. The fire brigade were also there just to make sure the boat didn't set fire to the sand or the sea. The do-gooders also apparently insisted the fireworks went off at 9:15, in broad daylight, which rather spoilt the effect if you ask me.

It struck me, seeing the Viking Warlord's body being placed on the boat and then set fire to, that this would be an appropriate send-off for a local amusement park magnate who seems to have a lot of bad luck with insured property being burnt down, as and when his time comes!

All the best, Colin

Well Colin, I take your point about Eric Pickles. With 25% to slash off local government budgets it would seem obvious that the axe should fall on events first. They aren't really an 'essential service', are they? Besides, with all the talented, professional people (moi) round here who are prepared to organise better things at no cost to the taxpayer, surely the private sector should be getting first dibs!


Anonymous said...

anon again!
Forgive for being slightly ingorant,
but I honestly thought that when insurance companies paid out, the money was to be used to replace that which had burned down.
Are there no governing bodies which are able to reclaim ALL inaptly used funds from the claimant?
If this was the case, half of Margate (and Folkestone) could be rebuilt within the next few months!

Anonymous said...

I didn't go but even living two miles inland heard the fireworks just after 9p.m. in broad daylight. Odd time to have fireworks anyway.

Chris Wells said...

Whilst I appreciate the off the wall tone of this blog, on occasions, I do feel a little correction is called for here. I speak as a Governor of the school, but here in my capacity as a local councillor as well.

The event, some year or more in the planning and delivery, is all about bringing the school and community closer together. Bradstow specialises in teaching severely autistic children and young people, who by definition find social engagement difficult.

It is a key part of the schools philosophy to prepare their youngpeople for as independentliving as they can achieve for when they leave the school.

This event grewout of the finds during excavation for recent building works, and this event was the culmination of a weeks activity, involving local schools, visiting the reenactmment society camped as a village on site, and linking discovered artefacts to real people living as in a bygone age. The local community is still visiting and learning similarly throughout today.

It has been a significant step in bringing the school and community closer together. Yesterday was a long day for our young people and the timings reflected that more than anything else. No ratepayers money was spent. This was sponsorship and grant funding across the board.

And it was the most wonderful fun. You should have come earlier in the day, and learned about village life - which put the evening in greater context.

It was a simple, and very enjoyable and effective event. We coulkd do with more events like this to extend the season and keep tourists and locals spending locally.

Tree Hugger said...

We had a lovely evening and enjoyed the fireworks. Thanks for setting the record straight the kids from the school really looked like they were enjoying themselves.

Richard Eastcliff said...

Obviously I can't speak for Colin, Cllr Wells, but he did seem rather underwhelmed, judging by his email.

However, now you've put it in context it does seem like a worthwhile event.

One point of order. You say 'no ratepayers' money was spent'. I presume you mean 'no Thanet ratepayers' money was spent', as I gather Wandsworth Council funded some of it (I believe they send youngsters to Bradstow School, don't they?).

Also it would seem Mears were involved in the funding. They are Thanet Council's preferred maintenance contractor who were not so long ago brought to book for rinsing the Thanet ratepayer with dodgy contracts, are they not?

Anonymous said...

You surely don't expect an answer from escapologist Wells on your last point, ECR? If he does reply, he won't give you a precise and detailed answer.

Chris Wells said...

Ok accepted as loose wording. In fact one element did come from a grant from the Town Council for fireworks, from the budget to support events in the town.

What perhaps I was trying to say was that it was not costly to Broadstairs and used no TDC money.

Humble apologies.

Bluenote said...

As one who was there I thoroughly enjoyed the event. It was well presented and narrated, good background music set the theme and, if proof be in the eating, well it attracted a goodly crowd.

Add that it was in a worthwhile cause and I would say that those that organised it are to be congratulated. Mind you, I suppose I should add that, like everything else in Thanet, it gave the usual killjoys an opportunity to exercise their whingeing muscles!!

Anonymous said...

As one of the re-enactors, I had a lovely weekend and hope some of those who attended did appreciate our efforts. The school was a lovely setting for us to have our 'encampment' and I always enjoy stepping back in time away from modern life.Perhaps some others could do with doing something similar!
Still emptying the sand from my authentic shoes.....
Thank you Bradstow school and Broadstairs.

Anonymous said...

All this talk of Blues and notes being about and talk of Villages....wait is their a similarity here, I think their is - my god its the village people!!!

This explains why the firewoks went orf at 09:15.

Bluenote said...

Who mentioned villages you wurzel! And what is 'orf,' might I ask, some expression for well matured Camembert perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Blue(not a) note - its you that's being cheesy!!!

On a different note what has any Blue note done for the community?

Bluenote said...

If I listed all my community activities the world wide web would be overwhelmed at the volume and crash. How about yourself, Anon, which charity shop can I find you serving in?

Anonymous said...

That's hardly fair.
He may have a proper job which serves the community, and be unable to spare the time for masturbatory work!

Bluenote said...

Charming turn of phrase. Now community work makes one a wanker. What do you call someone who does f'all but whinge?

Anonymous said...

Someone who won't get a proper job, rather than can't.
I expect they're happier doing all of their, er, voluntary work in the privacy of their own home.

Bluenote said...

Now I would agree with you but, if the new government is to be believed, they are all going to be financially assisted to leave our midst and go to where there is work. Might work as long as they don't have return tickets!

Anonymous said...

this event was held for the children of the school as well as to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the school.
you people are so ignorent, making comments about what time the fire works went off ect, who cares what you lot think about the event, the children and staff of the school enjoyed it. a lot of work went into making the event successfull and overall MOST!!! people enjoyed it.