Saturday, June 26, 2010

East Of The Wantsum

Here's this week's EotW (click it to big it).

To be honest, it's such a beautiful, sunny day here in the Cannes of Kent that I've completely lost the urge to moan about anything! So I'm just going to head down to the strip, grab a cool beer from the Belgian, and take in the sight of the Heras fencing on Pier Yard, the sound of pneumatic drills on full bore, and the smell of raw sewage gurgling into the marina!


Bluenote said...

Shops may close down, as they do everywhere else, but in Broadstairs they soon re-open as something new. As for traders whinging, well, that is also par for the course.

Years ago my good lady had a stall in Covent Garden craft market at the weekends and, every weekend, certain traders blamed their poor results on the the tube strike, the IRA, the value of the £, the GLC, the cup final or what ever else they could come up with.

Whinging is much easier than taking stock of your own product, presentation and marketing skills. Broadstairs has several very successful retail outlets that have stood the test of time and others that open up with doom written all over them. The latter are the ones who invariably blame the road works, traffic, TDC or the foreign students cluttering up the pavements.

Big like bloggers who never attract a following I guess which cannot, of course, be said of the successful Eastcliff Richard.

Bluenote said...

Whoops! That should read 'bit like bloggers' not 'big' but I must have been thinking of ECR at the time!

Richard Eastcliff said...

Sitting here connected to the wifi in the Belgian Bar, I can't see how any trader in Ramsgate could complain today. Sewage works or no sewage works, it's rammed. More like Rammedsgate in fact.

Ooops. I may have had one too many Leffes!

Anonymous said...

Indeed Leffeovres live in Boredatsairs. Anyone know a good use for a used Bluebottle or a used note!!

Lucy Mail said...

You could use a used note to pay for someone to clear used bluebottles away.

Anonymous said...

Or even 'whingeing' Bluenote.

Bluenote said...

Oh dear, A-Nonny-Mouse, what is your obsession with me! If its not 'get rid of 'bluerinse' its 'blue bottle' and now 'whingeing bluenote'. 'Tis not I that whinge but far too many of my fellow Thanetians.

Take stock, my friend, the sun is shining, a Viking lord was sent to Odin in Broadstairs last night and our macho down under cousins have a pommie sheila for PM. Can't all be bad. Danni Minogue for PM here is what I say!

Aussie Republican said...

Actually she's further to the left than Kevin Rudd was.

So I doubt if you'll be emigrating any time soon, Bluenote. Not sure we'd have you anyway!

Bluenote said...

Aussie Republican, since you already have half my kids and a similar proportion of my old mates from army days think I better stay here to retain some Anglo-Saxon balance in the old country.

Obviously not that genned up on your new PM but, now you come to mention her left wing credentials, she does have the look of a Harriett Harperson clone about her. Best of luck is all I can say.

Who knows, you might all start coming home like the Rhodies and Yarpies are doing. But then, I guess you must be here already!