Thursday, June 10, 2010

Reed Employment

Only in your super, soaraway Eastcliff Richard! Each week we feature a public sector stunna!

Today's bureaucratic babe is Donna Reed, who's just been promoted from her job as Director of Customer Services at Thanet Council to Director of Shared Services for the whole of East Kent! The council cracker's not just a pretty face - she'll be raking in almost £100K in her new job!

Donna you just wanna give her a great big hug! [Geddit??!!!??]


Anonymous said...

Whats happened to her old job? Is it vacant or is it disappearing?

Why does this new job need a director? In the private sector a manager would have been given the job its not rocket science doing a bit of organising and procuring a few suppliers.

Anonymous said...

Ewww, hug a fish? I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

Last year all the top civil service dogs (no pun intended) at Thanet Council awarded themselves a huge 15% pay rise cunningly disguised as a 0% pay rise. The supposed reason for this was to prevent themselves from being poached by other council fat cats offering them even fatter salaries.

This clearly wasn't enough for Donna who has now been poached by, er, Thanet Council from Thanet Council to work at the new East Kent ubercouncil.

We're being told by the ConDems that the forthcoming cuts are going to affect everybody's lives yet the public sector is still grossly overpaying itself. I doubt if Donna's life is going to be affected by the cuts.

Anonymous said...

Public Sector Parasite. Digby said sack half of them. I say sack half of them (after outlawing redundancy pay and public sector pensions) and give the rest National Minimum Wage and compulsory unpaid overtime.

denplan said...

Under the big fish are lots of minnows no doubt on not so great salaries all doing their best in the front line carrying out the daft half baked ideas thought up by management and government.

At least that's how it was when I was in the Civil Service many years ago.

Probably ten times worse now.

Anonymous said...

I think she's yummy. Is she married?

Anonymous said...

In other parts of the country they dont create new posts when they agree to share services. They reduce the management team and have one head of each unit across the shared councils. They even have only one Chief Executive across the shared councils. But not here in Thanet and East Kent. Once again its jobs for the boys and girls and tax payers pick up the tab. So much for best practices being applied.

Anonymous said...

Hang on, she's getting the same money as the Prime Minister's third highest paid adviser:

That ain't right surely?

Anonymous said...

Ridiculously overpaid. When the hell are taxpayers going to elect someone to challenge these ludicrous salaries?

Cllr Clive Hart Leader said...

With reference to 5.27 comment:

Please find below a statement I have made following the Tuesday 8th June General Purposes Committee meeting at TDC.

I want to make it absolutely clear that ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IN THE STATEMENT refers to the individual appointed as the Shared Services Director whom I know to be an excellent public servant.

All my comments refer to process:

"Early Wednesday morning (9th June) I wrote to the Thanet District Council Chief Executive Richard Samuel to FORMALLY COMPLAIN about the press release 'SHARED SERVICES DIRECTOR APPOINTED' published by Thanet District Council on Thursday, 03 June 2010 and the organisation of the General Purposes Committee held on Tuesday, 08 June 2010.

Firstly, the press release announcing who was appointed was published a week before the meeting, yet I understand that the Council's Employment Procedure Rules require Director level appointments to be made at member level and that was the whole purpose of Tuesday's GPC meeting.

I also found it somewhat hypocritical for the Chief Executive to selectively quote matters from the report to the GPC in a premature press release and then to attend the GPC meeting proper to argue that councillors should discuss the whole matter on confidential 'pink paper' in closed session and also exclude the press and the public.

In that quote in the premature press release it was also stated that 'the selection process was extremely tough' when in actual fact the job was only advertised internally within the three East Kent authorities with no external competition whatsoever.

Also, in the quote in the premature press release it said the three council leaders unanimously supported the appointment. The three leaders are all Conservative so there was no political balance whatsoever in that decision.

The GPC meeting was arranged for 5pm in the afternoon. That may be a very nice and convenient ending to the working day for council officers but it proves very difficult for many councillors to attend. My group members had to make significant changes to busy working day schedules and I even had to stand in for a member whose work commitments simply did not allow her to attend at such a time.

In short I would say that the 'man in in the street' would consider this whole matter as a previously 'done deal', rubber stamped behind closed doors, arranged for the benefit and comfort of high-level public sector employees only and supported by one political party only - the Conservative's.

Probably worse still, the appointment will be made at a remuneration level 'artificially' raised through the shared services process in East Kent.

This whole fiasco takes place in the week the Conservative Prime Minister tells us public sector workers have been 'insulated' from the harsh realities of the recession while everyone else was paying the price and that they had got 'way out of step' and needed to be brought back into line with the private sector.

In local government in East Kent it appears there is one rule for the workers and another for senior management".

Cllr Clive Hart

Anonymous said...

anon again!

so there;)

Anonymous said...

Well done Clive. Good to see that someone has a spine. Can we assume your colleagues will be backing you in seeking the removal of the dreadful and overpaid Mr. Samuel?

Anonymous said...

What have the blogging councillors got to say about cllr Hart's complaint. They are always very keen to voice an opinion. Their silence speaks volumes.

Anonymous said...

Of course clive hart has a spine, it is needed to hold up both of his faces!

Anonymous said...

Actually it was the Labour controlled council that appointed said Mr samuel

Anonymous said...

I suspect that Councillors do not wish to comment as they hold Cllr Hart in the same contempt as most of Thanet.Did'nt he lose his seat in KCC that surely is also an indicator,

Anonymous said...

I've never voted for Labour before but I'd vote for Mr. Hart. Anyone who attracts the wrath of the main parties has got to be doing something right.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear 7.03pm have you not heard that empty vessels make the most noise. I suspect 12.43 may have hit the nail on the head, Hart is not about helping the public Hart is about helping Hart.

Anonymous said...

I have heard dark things about Mr hart that involve a restraining order, though I am sure they are nor true

Chris Wells said...

Perhaps it is as simple as with many press releases it was prepared in advance, but then mistakenly released early?

A simple own goal error, which Clive has exploited, and exploited, and exploited; pre meeting to the press; at the meeting; and post meeting to press and blogs.

Much of his statement is self important rubbish - as usual; at least two elements come form confidential information given during the meeting, which is rather more serious; and the hilarious bit is his sudden conversion to supporting the new Conservative (and Lib Dem?) Prime Minister.

I am pondering sending him a Conservative Membership application form, now he has seen the light on the road to perdition!

Anonymous said...

Yes agree with most of what you say Chris,but why is she on such a huge salary?Is she a brain surgeon?It beggars belief..

Anonymous said...

Abolish 3 Mayors i say they are only a gravy train for dis credited councillors anyway, if we can share services that should include this gravy train of expenditure. How can Watt-Ruffell or Shirley or Mick T be said to generate income for us the tax payers or Ezekiel next year god forbid?

Chris Wells said...

It is very hard to answer that question directly without straying into the territory discussed on pink during the meeting.

I suppose the simple answer is to point out the levels of pay individual service directors across the four councils involved are on for running individual services; then realsie the larger scope of the job of joining them up, and the performance targets that go with it.

Overall,this project only moves forward when delivering savings to all the councils who participate, 10% minimum is the Thanet Council demand of the project in each area.

So the job is more demanding than individual directors at individual councils, and has to be remunerated accordingly.

That is not to say that the pay scales across the public sector as a whole may not be out of balance, but it is invidious to pick out one officer and one case for what could be felt to be personal attack

Anonymous said...

Let's go all the way 5:58 & get rid of Royalty! They are the REAL bloodsuckers!

Anonymous said...

I think she is really scrummy, only bettered by another TDC employee (who has now left)

Anonymous said...

Cris Wells, TDC seem to be very good at own goals, have they a Green in goal!

Bloggers will remember the own goal over the the absent councillor that was signed in.

Its more like they hold the residents of Thanet in contempt.