Thursday, June 17, 2010

Blogger Bug

Since migrating Thanet's Premier Blog to this stylish new look courtesy of those Google Blogger chaps, I've noticed the old comments tally at the bottom of each item hasn't been, er, tallying.

Consequently, where it says '1 comment', there are, in fact several. Until they fix the bug, it's well worth copping a shufti just in case.

Actually this isn't really very interesting, but at least it keeps me on top of the pile, ahead of the drivel spill spurting from the north side of the island today!

1 comment:

Michael Child said...

Richard you may find this link useful until it starts working properly again the same problem is happening on my blogs none of which have been updated to the new format.

Oh if you want the script to put on your blog for a fingy that shows recent comments let me know.