Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ramsgate 2, WC 1

Being the swinging, bachelor type, I'm hopefully not going to have much use for Mamas and Papas which has just opened at our lovely Brownwater retail park in the centre of the isle.

Actually I thought they'd all choked to death on ham sandwiches in the 70s.

Er, but no. If baby stuff is your thang, Mamas and Papas have it all. Announcing their new Westwood Cross outlet they say: '(Our) fashion-packed credentials are second to none as stars from Hollywood to Hong Kong head for the store as soon as their pregnancy is announced.' Not bad for a chain that's based in that third fashionable 'H' - 'Uddersfield. They continue:

Closer to home, the wives and girlfriends of the UK’s famous sporting and media stars are spotted often at Mamas & Papas stores throughout the country. World Cup sweethearts have already been spotted snapping up ‘Star Dribbler’ rompers to cheer on their partners in the South African tournament!

Should go down a storm with the builders' WAGs from Boredstares then.

Closer to home, and as if to prove that Ramsgate is getting chi-chier by the minute, a high class gift emporium has opened in the Old Custom House (Custom House in old money) down on the front. While teeny-tiny (and not so teeny-tiny) Ramsgate Town Councillors ruminate over their paltry portfolios upstairs, visitors can grab an excellent latte or baguette downstairs, book a B&B at the visitor information centre and peruse Nice Things, which stocks gifty arts and crafts from Thanet and beyond.

Not only that, but if a job ad I just read in one of the local rags is to be believed, the Millionaires' Playground is about to get a Cornish Pasty Co emporium too! How much more like St Ives can it get!?!


Anonymous said...

Sorry man, but I just spoke to the Pasty people and they aint opening in Ramsgate...


Richard Eastcliff said...

Hmm, that's why I couched it in such sceptical terms.

Either somebody's passing themselves off as the Cornish Pasty Co, or they have some kind pathological desire to pay for fake adverts for restaurant managers and assistants.

Time to put your investigative hat on TB!

Richard Eastcliff said...

Just to give you a head start, here's what the ad in the Thanet Extra of 18 June says:

The Cornish Pasty Co are looking to recruit a Manager and Sales Assistant for our new Ramsgate cafe.

Experience would be advantageous, but not essential as full training will be given. Customer service and attention to details is essential.

Please send CV to:

Nick Bradley
19 Military Road
CT11 9LG

01843 584098

Anonymous said...

There is a pasty shop opening in Ramsgate. I don't think they were trying to pass themselves off as one of the multitude of cornish pasty companies, I think they just didn't check out which variations (http://www.google.co.uk/search?q=cornish+pasty+co&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-GB:official&client=firefox-a) of the name Cornish Pasty Co. were taken. I hope their signwriters weren't too expensive. I can see Pasty Wars on the horizon.

Anonymous said...

i really hope so because this man is well known in Ramsgate and has come back to a town where he has upset a lot of people

Anonymous said...

Nicholas Stickings' Cornish Pig Company (aka Nick Bradley)
google it,interesting read

personally i wouldnt buy a jelly bean from the man never mind a pasty.