Friday, June 04, 2010

East Of The Wantsum

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After it went to print, London Array, the galaxy's biggest wind farm ever which is due to begin construction out of Ramsgate next year, announced that they were in fact prepared to scatter a few crumbs from their international table in the form of an open meeting for Thanet businesses next week. This will presumably be of interest to highly skilled workers such as taxi drivers, carpet fitters and double glazing installers. The meeting's next Wednesday 9 June at St Augustine's, Westgate.

London Array is, as you know, a mega consortium made up of Germans E.ON (Powergen in old money), Abu Dhabians Masdar and Danish giant DONG. I'm guessing your best bet for getting any work from them would be to turn up with a tea towel round your head, touting some bratwurst and a six pack of Carlsberg!

Click here for more details of next week's meeting


Bluenote said...

Seem to recall the late, lamented (only joking about the lamented bit) Ladyperson claimed much credit for bringing London Array to Thanet. Shame he failed to notice that none of the bits for a wind farm are manufactured in the UK anymore (if ever!). That's politicians for you but then he is off to CEO of some secure retirement company in Shakespeare country for which 13 years as an MP evidently makes him well qualified. All right for some, eh?

Anonymous said...

And the reason they would be well advised not to employ Thanet wankers is ? mmmm self evident.

Anonymous said...

Something else to bear in mind. The London Array will be off of Margates sunset coast. 350 windmills adding to the view from the Turner arts thingy!
Plus the 40% increase to Thanets windy farm(already numbering 100). It all adds to the lovely view! Buy shares in these energy companies-the Govt are giving free money away to them. It`s win win win. Now elsewhere in the country/world the local communities negotiate cheap electricity or improved resources such as better harbours! Well done TDC.

Anonymous said...


Why shouldn't a defeated MP take a job if he's under retirement age with a family to support?

Haven't loads of ex-Tory MPs walked straight into cushy numbers in the past?

Anonymous said...

I agree 1:33pm. Thanet has now become such a byword for the worst kind of slack-jawed, workshy cretinism that no large employer locating here would touch the local workforce with a bargepole, unless it is for the most menial, unskilled jobs (which the slack-jawed, workshy cretins won't touch because they are better off sucking from the public nipple).

This is a shame as there are plenty of skilled, talented people who have located here, tempted by the arts regeneration myth (I understand the Turner have just recruited a Japanese woman from Birmingham as their schools outreach officer - good luck to her with that) who would love to work locally rather than have to commute to London.

Unfortunately the Thanet brand is now so tainted by unemployables and a council renowned for incompetence and corruption that I would advise any middle class professionals thinking of moving here to think very carefully... and then move to Brighton instead.

Bluenote said...

7:28 No problems with ex MPs taking jobs but wonder how thirteen years as an MP with previous in computers qualifies one to be chief executive of a company in the property, building and retirement home business. Bet there are a few pissed off more appropriately qualified applicants who missed out. That said, he won't be the first ex-MP to land a nice little number seemingly unrelated to previous experience or expertise.
The comment was made more by comparison with the lack of such good fortune for us ordinary mortals rather than with other MPs of other parties. You must admit it is a bit of a gravy train for the former honorable members.

Anonymous said...

anon again!

Job's for the old boy network. How else would Britain survive?
I shudder at 8.14's last paragraph,
but, unfortunately it bares relativity to the truth.

Bluenote said...

Yes, the old boy net (formerly old school tie preferences) was questionable but one has to wonder at how ex-MPs along with senior figures from the civil, military and police services walk into top jobs without necessarily holding the professional qualifications or experience normally required. Is an ex-general say, given a job with a armaments manufacturer because of his 'advanced weapons technology expertise' or because he might influence the awarding of defence contract work through contacts at MOD. Unfortunately, it is all too frequently about the influence they may still command in high places rather than ability to do the job and one has to question whether the best interest of the public are served by such appointments.

Anonymous said...

Because of the special nature of the works it is very difficult to employee locals outside of service and backup for the vessels and installation contractors. I know this as I as I have worked, and been responsible for one of the major subcontracts at Thanet. We always tried to use local firms when we could, but when you are trying to run a job 24/7 (and very very expensive equipment)you need to be certain that you can trust your suppliers.
I completely agree that it is wrong of local MP and councils to jump on the bangwagon and promise what they cannot ever deliver. We did put money back into the local area but no where near the amount your leaders promised.
If Thanet can supply hydraulic experts that have heavy lifting experience and can dive in their free time as well as being experience jacking engineers then maybe there will be a few more jobs going.