Thursday, June 17, 2010

Leader's Column

Only in your super, soaraway Eastcliff Richard! Each week top Thanet politician Bob Baywatch gives us his insight into the island!!!

It gives me no greater pleasure than to go shopping. Whether it be for vegetables, such as peas, cabbages, runner beans, or lovely, fresh, new Thanet potatoes from my friend Richard Ash's farm, or maybe bananas and soft fruit, there's nothing I enjoy more than getting a good bargain on my 'five a day' from one of the area's fantastic local greengrocers.

Alternatively I will sometimes spend hours just marvelling at the huge variety of paperclips they stock at those big stores out at Westwood Cross.

So when people come up to me and complain that their high street is dying, I tell them that they should jolly well count their blessings and look on the bright side. Where else in the UK could you be trying on a pair of comfy slippers one minute, and then dipping your toes in the briny the next?

This coming weekend we at the council have provided for your entertainment a 'Big Event' in 'Margate'. So why not come to Palm Bay and pay for the chance to catch a glimpse of those magnificent men in their flying machines, spend a few hard earned shillings at the many attractions and stalls we will be providing courtesy of the Manchester Chamber of Commerce, and then make the bracing saunter at the end of the day to shop in Margate's derelict high street before walking the hour and a half back to your car?

That's enough column - Ed.


Mother Bailes said...

Can you add my blog to your list? Any tips on how to get the links I add to actaually appear on my page greatly appreciated!

Mother Bailes said...

ooops, I meant to email that

Richard Eastcliff said...

I've added you to my 'Recent Thanet Natter' Kathy.

Not sure what's going on with your links, though. Have you tried turning it off and then back on again?

Mother Bailes said...

I'll try it later. It's probably just me being thick, I'll work it out eventually!
Thank you