Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Piston Broke

Reader Duncan from Ramsgate's less trendy west side writes:

I see the Thanet District Council beauraucrats have been out in force again, wasting money. Their latest addition to the 'over-cluttered by council pointless signage' landscape is on my doorstep on Royal Esplanade in Ramsgate.

A sign telling us all that motorised model cars are not to be used on the former putting green next to the Rose Gardens is an absolute joke. It is neither enforceable by the Council, nor serves any useful purpose to the public as a whole. I cannot see the harm in these seemingly enthusiatic people playing their sport and causing no harm to others on a patch of grass too bumpy to be of any other recreational use.

How much did this pointless sign cost to supply and erect? And surely it would have been better spent putting towards a fund to refurbish the decaying shelters along the esplanade, not to mention the environmental impact it has on the impression of the area.

I am almost tempted to buy a motorised model car and drive it on that area as a personal protest to the petty bureaucracy that has come about from a possible one or two complaints from people who lead shallow and empty lives.

Well quite, Duncan. To cheer you up I've appended a pic of the Bucket and Spade Run which took place on the adjacent Government Acre recently. Our beloved council appears to have no problem letting these splendid jalopies onto its unmanicured lawns. Not to mention allowing an entire motor museum go to pot!


Mr.Glee said...

Will the model boats in the boating pool be next?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Model cars are fun unless you live near a place that is used for playing with them and you want to watch TV, or listen to quiet music, or just enjoy the environment without the annoying sound of engines.
Then they are a pain in the arse.

Anonymous said...

those fecking model cars are a pain in the arse. No sympathy here.