Saturday, June 19, 2010

East Of The Wantsum

Here's this week's EotW - click it to big it. At this rate I think I can pretty well write off my invite to Cllr Baywatch's summer garden party!

Meanwhile I've been pointed in the direction of a jolly new ditty on BoobTube - The Thanet Anthem by The Thanet Loops.

Set to the tune of Alicia Keys' Empire State of Mind, it pretty well sums up our septic isle in a way that Visit Kent's description ('Thanet - the birthplace of civilisation') just so doesn't. To give you a taster, here's the opening verse:

Welcome to a place where the best nightclub is Escape
But it's always shut
An art gallery that no-one even really wants
Opened by a slut


Update: It seems the good folk of Newport have now jumped on the Empire State of Mind bandwagon, and have even managed to get on BBC Breakfast with it!


Anonymous said...

Id buy that for a dollar!

Readit said...

Brilliant Anthem !
Should play it in the VIC.

Oh No! It's Closed

Anonymous said...

anon again!

I missed the line referring to the weather's decision on the TDC this weekend.
I dropped my mate off at the shops and nipped down to the seafront, to be greeted by the 'red arrows' (always tremendous display) then watched the rain getting nearer and nearer from the North.
I went home!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

youtube.... Views: 2,023

Anonymous said...

Listened to the sad but true!!!!

Someone in office has a lot to answer to.

Anonymous said...

And who voted at Charter Trustees to try to keep paying

Public funding to Kent Adventure Training Corps

Stand up pseudo little soldiers

And give enthusiastic hand

I understand Cllrs Watt Ruffell and Daly voted to keep the little local uniformed cadet force going at public expense.

But it seems Mr Daly is now defending a charge of downloading child porn in the most depraved categories.

I have to continue to wonder at Roger Gale and George Maison and Daly and Watt Ruffell and the other Thanet tories who were so keen to keep Thanet its own local little uniformed cadet group.

The KATC youth group affiliation status was cancelled by KCC in 2003.

Peter Checksfield said...

Any idea who's behind this group & video (they emailed me the link personally!)? Great stuff.

Lucy Mail said...

I can hardly say I'm surprised that Retirement Card is painting 'paedophile' all over someone who has yet to be convicted, bearing in mind his tendancy to overturn court judgements when one of his bent (in his mind) copper mates is proved innocent!
Perhaps we could do away with the court system altogether and listen to his shit poetry for our moral guidance, instead?

Vogons spring to mind!

Anonymous said...

You could replace "Thanet" with just about any other seaside town in the country.
BTW, don't count me among the people who "don't even want" an art centre.
I'm really sick of people telling the world what I want or don't.

Bluenote said...

Retired, I also find your implication of something dodgy directed at those supporting KATC distasteful.

You have ranted about this cadet group before totally out of context with the subject under discussion and it seems to be a pet hate of yours.

There are many cadet groups in Thanet made up of Sea Cadets, Army Cadets and the Air Training Corps. Generally they are a fine bunch of young people who achieve a great deal and enhance our local parades and events with their bands.

For this to happen means that a number of well meaning adults have given their support and, in some cases, a lot of time to be instructors. They are mostly to be applauded, not branded as perverts as you imply.

Richard Eastcliff said...

Seems that BoobTube have now removed Thanet Anthem due to 'terms of use violation'.

Perhaps the Thanet Loops forgot to apply for the rights to cover the song. Or perhaps TDC got 'em!

Peter Checksfield said...

That's a shame! Perhaps they shouldn't have mentioned which song they changed the words to?

One idea would be to upload the video to blogger, it's far less likely to get removed (unfortunately it's far less likely to be seen too).

Anonymous said...

Ironically, the ban emphasizes the alienation which is the theme of the video. I trust the precious soul who called for the film to be taken off will be identified and that the band posts the lyric, at least, on the internet.

Peter Checksfield said...

It's back:

Anonymous said...

Retired, I didn't know we had a Councillor Daly - who's this?

photoman said...

Absolutely brilliant-what a voice-should go far.
I see they have blurred a couple of councillor photos-they're never sharp at the best of times.

Richard Eastcliff said...

Thanks Pedro. I've amended the link on my item.

It seems they've now blurred the shot of Sandy Ezekiel (perhaps because Bob Bayford's the TDC leader these days - I'm sure it can't be because of any libel worries!) and removed the shot of someone snorting coke, which may have been the reason it was flagged and removed.

Anonymous said...

The person behind this are local guys Adrian "The Fraudster Handley" ( Not actualy a Fraudster but a DJ name he goes under) & Failed Popstars candidate and Ex Blue Coat James Mason.

This is genius and fingers crossed they will get an offical release soon.

Peter Checksfield said...

Who's the singer though?

Anonymous said...

Dr Moores seems to be just about the only local blogger not promoting this! Come on Simon, where's your sense of humour?!

Anonymous said...

The Thanet Anthem.

Welcome to a place where the best nightclub is Escape, but it is always shut
An art gallery that no-one really even wants, opened by a slut
The pikey bumper cars replacing all the rides that got burned down
The fact that Woolworths probably owe their closure to this ugly town
So chill out on the beach and watch the ASBOs break sh*t in Margate

Wasteman shit hole where dreams are trampled and robbed by the council.
In Margate

High IQ is under 32. Get on the Thanet Loop. Now you’re in Broadstairs
Go down the Dolphin if a broken nose is your idea of fun
Feeling of Déjà vu the same band as last week its EK1
Or the emo kids that wanna slit their wrists, cos they think it rocks
Three schools in a row but the kids cant go, at court their in the docks
Not sure if I like what I see in the second of the three I’m in Broadstairs

Wasteman shit hole where dreams are trampled and robbed by the council.
Im still in Broadstairs

Please get me out of here quickly, Cortina from Smiley’s, now I’m in Ramsgate
Get out of the cab cant believe its just as bad and I’m just so bored
All these swanky bars and fancy drinks that no-one can afford
Its meant to be the best place to go out but its just a joke
Cause everyone today spent all their JSA on a ticket of coke
So Thanets all it seems, just a place of broken dreams. This is Thanet

Wasteman shit hole where dreams are trampled and robbed by the council.
F**k living in Thanet just wanna get away but that’s what they all say
Now your in Thanet, Thanet, Thanet.

Anonymous said...

Always brings a smile. ;-)