Friday, June 11, 2010

Crude Comments

What with BP's share price sinking this week faster than an ROV on an urgent mission to stem a mile deep oil blowout, I thought I'd use the excellent (visualizing the BP oil spill disaster) to centre the leak on Ramsgate.

As you can see, if it had happened here, much of the English Channel would have been affected. Er, as well as the whole of Kent and huge swathes of London and the home counties. Ironically it would have quickly enveloped BP boss Tony Hayward's rural Kent pile, which is now apparently under police protection following threatening phone calls and hate mail.

£55bn wiped off their share price? They should count themselves lucky!

PS: Has anyone else noticed petrol's 6p a litre less in Canterbury compared to Thanet? Not that I'm too bothered as my motor's all electric!


Anonymous said...

Has BP considered that it was Kent Police who should have protected their HQ from certain backup generator problems which also cut mains power off their HQ in the 1980s ?

Has BP considered it weas Kent Police guarding Kingsnorth when an enterprising chap simply walked in and switched the power station off taking out 5% of the country's power supply ?

Has BP considered it was Kent Police put in a position to protect the Royal Marines at Deal in 1989 ?

I do hope this new BP guarding deployment does not mean that Force HQ will take its mind off addressing the SEVEN IPCC upheld complaints of negligence in the David O'Leary murder inquiry (Valley Road Margate 1st March 2008)

Kent Plod guarding ? About as much use as a chocolate fireguard.

Bluenote said...

There are many people in this country whose pension prospects will be severely damaged if BP sustains major losses, even worse if they go under. Yes, BP should, and I am sure will, pick up the tab for the cost of this disaster but, there is much inconsistency in the USA.

They are not so hot at accepting responsibility for their own companies and their disasters. BP, has not been British Petroleum since the '90s and now employs twice as many Americans as Brits. Still we have a President embarking on anti-British rhetoric to divert attention from his failing administration.

As to the Kent plod, well they simply cannot win. Retired dismisses their guarding credentials yet, if we went back to a time when coppers were not vertically challenged, 7 stone weaklings in bifocals and did slap villains and the anti-social mob about a bit, there would be screams of police brutality.

Society gets the policing it deserves.

Readit said...

Be careful what you wish for ECR.
TDC may adopt your proposals as the next tourist attraction (it burns well!)