Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Get Noticed!

Once again I'm indebted to regular contributor Mr X, this time for a snapshot of a notice he noticed.

Talking of noticing, am I the only one to have noticed that the 'temporary' fencing (948 days and counting) along our crumbling East Cliff has grown a bit recently? Is this what the Uranians mean by regeneration? I think we should be told!

Meanwhile a reader revelling in the moniker Oh Little Town of Birchington has sent me details of the new Ann Summers iGasm device, which plugs into your iPod and tickles your, er, fancy in time to the music. Apparently it's got iPod makers Apple all hot and steamy under their matching cuffs and collars. Ann Summers don't say whether it comes in multiple packs, but apparently it does carry a warning not to listen to Rimsky-Korsakov's Flight of the Bumblebee in the workplace or other public areas. Now that really would get you noticed!

Frustrated readers can click here for details of the iGasm.


Anonymous said...

Do you think they trialled them on those irritating little puppets on the Corsa ads ?

Anonymous said...

Historically the concept is not new.

The designer of the single treadle spinning wheel created an incentive for the spinning ladies to treadle quite hard at times.

(PS No this is not one of Anagram Man's apocryphal stories. This is real history)

Anonymous said...

Victorian social reformers, eventually pressing for the first Factories Act, noted that such was the effort of physical labour required of spinning women that the women could, from time to time, be heard making strangled noises and gasping for air.

Anonymous said...

You should point yer IoT mate Thom in the direction of the next Hilderstone spinning traditional crafts class.

A picture of the ladies spinning, whilst wearing their latest ipod devices, might win him an award.

Anonymous said...

And tell the little rascal to take his tape recorder ?

Anonymous said...

Overheard at a recent WI meeting:

"I got one of them iPod thingys...but all I hear is a buzzing in my ear"

Anonymous said...

Must have misread the instructions.

Michael Child said...

TDC recently sent me what they describe in the accompanying letter, as the approved plans for the Pleasurama building the side elevations are 17.5 meters high the front elevation is 16.25 meters high the rear elevation 16.5 meters high one section is 17.5 meters high the other 16.25 meters high.

As all of the sides of this oblong are a right angles to each other the temporary fence may be there for some time.

Not so sure about the vibration though, an elderly relative of mine once swallowed a suppository believing it to be a raspberry flavoured laxative. It is imperative to read instructions properly.

Anonymous said...

OVERPLEASURE WARNING: Please make sure all iPods are turned off before using the single treadle spinning wheel (or vice versa).

Anonymous said...


I remember in 69 that we happy few reluctant soldiers were given to the charge of a 22 SAS Squadron Sergeant major.

The reason I call this to mind is his love of history (he taught us about the spinning wheel for example ... we thought it may be a trick to lead us to believe that onerous activity, such as his military training, might have unexpected rewards. But wedecided to stick to sex when we could get it and self abuse at other times and to forego as far as possible the martial activities he was wont to encourage us to participate in)

Why I call the old rogue to mind is that he had an idea that the answer to a problem very often laid within the mind of the person raising the query.

I refer of course to your Freudian slip in the use of the word Raspberry.

Raspberry ripple ?

Taking the section heights ... the building appears to be a parallel sided forward sloping rippled, distributed water retaining, roofed structure.

When any ripple overflows it will tip water forward to the next and so on until a gush pours down the front elevation.


It is a self sustaining gravity fed anti arsonist design.

A design which takes into account the history of the area and indeed of the particular location.

Hope this is helpful.

You could ask Anagram Man but you might get a silly answer.

Anonymous said...

There was a thing called "The Settlement" movement in the 19th century. Well educated young ladies and gents would live for a year or so in amongst the urban poor and give the underclasses education.

There was a very nasty incident one time when a woman spinner, aged 75 refused compulsory retirement. Parish constables and so on were called to physically remove her from her place of work.

It was for this reason that old Minnie the Moocher, locked out from her factory, attended Settlement classes.

With her new education she went on in ancient old age to challenge Emily Pankhurst of the Suffragettes. who wanted an end to some work being mens work and some work womens work.

"I move", cried Old Millie, "A caveat. Spinning is to be classified as womens work in perpetuity"

That's education for you.

Anonymous said...

brilliant thread

surely Thom must comment on this in the IoT Gazette ?

Anonymous said...

Anyone found a pic of the docking station?

Lucy Mail said...

Raspberry flavoured laxative?
Sounds like your elderly relative may have swallowed a previously used one, Michael.

Anonymous said...

I think I can see why Mr Jobs might be pulling out:

Link to 18+ iGasm ad