Monday, November 19, 2007

Reader Round-Up

Reader Tina has kindly sent me this photo of a double rainbow she spotted over Preacher's Knob in Broadstairs at the weekend. I know I'm often less than complimentary about the Dickensians' Playground, but you have to admit it's got a certain quaint charm. And, um, emptiness.

And reader Christine writes:

Hi, just found your site by accident and got so engrossed that i have forgotten what i was looking for originally! (But then i do that in Tescos). I liked it - design, writing, style, content etc. but wondered why you do it? It must take ages.

Who are you?


Well, Christine, I'm flattered to be compared to Tescos, although Waitrose might have been a bit more appropriate. Why do I do it? Search me, guv. Who am I? I'm afraid that's a question only Dr Fraudstein, my celebrity psychiatrist, can answer.


An admirer said...

Dear Christine

ECR has his own unique way of reporting but underneath it all his great love and appreciation of Ramsgate and its people shines through. I for one could not do wothout my daily fix of ECR!

Little Weed said...

Hear hear. The head might get too big soon though

Eastcliff Richard said...

I'm blushing!

Anonymous said...

Nice photo!

Neil Masey said...

I have found the true identity of Eastcliffe Richard. He used to live in Broadstairs before leaving the old homestead behind for a better life, several miles down the road. He is none other than George M. Cohan who wrote this song that featured in a musical in New York City:

Give my regards to Broadstairs!
Remember me to Harold Road!
Tell all the gang at old York Street
That I will soon be there!
Whisper of how I'm yearning
To mingle with the old time throng!
Give my regards to Old Broadstairs
And say that I'll be there, 'ere long!