Thursday, November 08, 2007

Spa A Thought

The results of my latest 7 day poll are in, and there's a pretty conclusive majority of you who'd like to see our crumbling West Cliff Hall transformed into a Victorian themed health spa. Here are the results:

Question: What would be the best use for Ramsgate's West Cliff Hall (formerly the Motor Museum)?

Victorian Health Spa: 45% (25 votes)
Community Centre: 34% (19 votes)
Wind Farm Visitor Centre: 10% (6 votes)
Building Material: 10% (6 votes)
Fish Restaurant: 7% (4 votes)
Luxury Flats: 1% (1 vote)

If you recall, the Victorian health spa is the brainchild of one of my readers, Sarah Benfield, who says she put a detailed business proposal before Thanet Council in September and has heard nothing since. Rumour is that the council would prefer a fish restaurant run by one of our local hostelry millionaires, or the ubiquitous luxury apartments.

Sarah writes: As of yet still no news from anyone.....will try one last round of letters and then step it up... I wont wait for ever.

Well Sarah, good luck with the project, and if you need a celebrity to cut the ribbon you know where to come. Just in case, I've taken the precaution of picking myself out a rather fetching little number:

See you at the spa!


Anonymous said...

Back on the crack again ECR?

Justin Brown said...

Not your colour, Dicky.

Dare I suggest turning it into a Gay Bar? Now that the council has closed pretty much all of the underground lavvies, it'd bring back fond memories for the cottagers.
They could even set up a venue for Model Village People, just along the road.

Gilly said...

hi my name is Gillian Graham i am 24 and live in ramsgate myself and a group of friends are hoping to start a marine sanctuary/ rehabilitation centre, we are approaching the council soon and are hoping to find an ideal building to suit the purpose, how would our comunity feel on the motor museum being something far more benoficial than somewhere to have a facial, make a difference save the lives of our marine life, bring an attraction bk to the once proud attraction of the motor museum, please get back to me on your oppinion, we have the backing of the head of fisheries already and are hoping for more support :) please please get back to me soon on this proposal...