Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Book Look

Cripes! This blog is fast turning into publishing news! Today's featured publication is by local photographic genius Daniel Bass. The 28-pager, entitled Peninsular Tales, is all about, er...

Well DJ hasn't actually told me what it's about, but I do know that you can buy it at Harbour Monkey in Margate, or the Lurcher Gallery in Boredstares. Price is, er, um, dunno that either. Perhaps if you're looking in, DJ, you could fill in some of the gaps? Anyway, it should make a great Christmas present for someone. Whatever it is.

And speaking of Daniels, news has finally leaked out that my old acting chum Daniel Craig, aka James Bond, was in Ramsgate over the summer, meeting up with the local RNLI chaps. I treated him to a champagne and oyster supper here at the cliff top mansion afterwards, and he admitted that he was stirred by the splendid work they do, and hadn't been at all shaken by the trip out on the lifeboat!

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£3 old chap, and that includes a free assortment of typos.