Thursday, November 01, 2007

I've Got An Ology!

Yep. Thanks to an Established, Prestigious, Leading Institution, I can now add PhD to the already extensive collection of letters after my name. And all I had to do was send off a cheque!

Apparently I can now look forward to a prosperous future, money earning power and the Admiration of all, having obtained the degree I deserve based on my present knowledge and life experience (i.e by doing nothing at all except cough up the sponds). My degree shows exactly what I can really do (er...), and I will soon be getting the Job, Promotion, Business and Social Advancement I Desire.

So, with that in mind, I've renamed the old cliff top mansion The Ramsgate Institute of Coastscape Studies (RICS), with yours truly installed as the Professor of Seasideology. Now all I have to do is sit back and wait for the offers roll in!


Anonymous said...

Offers for what exactly? I think their PHd probably stands for
Poor Hungover Dick!

Eastcliff Richard said...

Learned books, interviews, appearances on Parky, that sort of thing. All the academics are doing it, don't you know!

Anonymous said...

Appearances on Sky News as well Dickie, giving your 'expert' view on anything going on in the area!

And you must host a conference for other 'experts' to come and chew the cud together! And charge them oodles for doing it!