Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Gazunder Goes Gaga - An Apology

It has been pointed out by m'learned friends that a previous post on this blog, entitled Gazunder Goes Gaga, may have contained one or two factual inaccuracies.

I am therefore happy to set the record straight, viz that the Isle of Thanet Gazunder is, in fact, one of the best newspapers money can buy, and that I was particular impressed by last week's new Blog of the Week column, penned by ace reporter Thom Morris, which exhibited impeccable taste by featuring one Eastcliff Richard in its debut outing.

I trust this apology, and the substantial cheque, will now bring this matter to a satisfactory conclusion for the parties concerned.


Anonymous said...

You know what trouble arose for referring to another journo ... Nasty Nick or something like that was the epithet.

I understand that "Thoughtful Thom", ever observant, noticed an oblong of clean paintwork on the IoTG editor's office wall.

It is rumoured that he was told that was where a previous editor had hung his favourite portrait of a Lady Jane Birdwood.

Anonymous said...

But will Thom go ahead with plans for the competition, for Thanet residents, to identify their very own area super hero "Anagram Man"

Tony Beachcomber will be anxious to know how good the prize will be as he is, no doubt, confident of the answer.

The Guiness Book of Records stands by to verify and record the first identification of a super hero. Inevitably they must ask whether their late editor, Ross McWhirter, would have made the identification earlier had his life not been tragically cut short by the IRA in 1975.

Ross formed an organisatioon called "Self Help" taken over by a Lady Jane Birdwood.

Is this how intrepid Thom got on the trail of Anagram Man ? Applying Da Vinci code theory to an oblong clean patch on the esteemed editor's office wall ?

A vowel please Carol


and three consonants

MSN (could be a message there ?)

and two more vowels

"I" "O"

Tony your prize will be a night out at a housewarming party with Thanet's leading entertainment entrepreneur.

Anonymous said...

I have got ahead of Tony Beachcomber by emailing Thom at gardfahl@hotmail.com

"I read about your competition on Eastcliff Richard blogsite.

I tried to identify "Anagram Man", Thanet's superhero, through yellow pages category superheros.

All I got was a telephone queuing system

"For intimidation of elderly lady tory councillors press one

For sleezy intimidation of Labour lady councillors councillors press two

For explanation why I did not reveal my superhero abilities and chose instead to humbly submit to the West Indian Covent Garden porter, who objected to my racial theories by gripping my testicles and lifting me aloft.. press three.

For stories of my superhero undercover work in Ireland press four.

For a statement on allegations of missing funds from the British Army Assn press five

But whichever button I pushed only got musack .. always the same tune "Tell us another one doooo".

My guess for the identity of Thanet's superhero is George Inamos from Pat Monteaths book Operation Orpheus."

Eastcliff Richard said...

That's enough drivel - Ed.

Sugardaddie said...

Knowing when to apologize is most chivalrous. It demonstrates breeding and is the mark of a true gentleman.

...that and the threat of legal action of course!

Quentin Penguin said...

I'd never refer to any journalist, not even for all the councillors in China.