Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Successful Operation

The following statement has been issued by Mr Richard Eastcliff's agent:

Mr Richard Eastcliff, the universally adored celebrity millionaire and entertainer, was today admitted to hospital to undergo an emergency procedure to remove a dangerously inflated ego. I can confirm that the operation was a success, and that Mr Eastcliff is now sitting up and joking with nurses. Further bulletins will be issued in due course.


Tony Spart said...

Sad to see capitalist elite extend their hegemony over the working class by stealing much needed medical facilities to support their disability allowance claims. Shame on you Mr Richard in repressing the honest hard working members of our society with your industrial military complex stance, it's little better than bayoneting Iraqi babies for the yankee dollar. Get well soon.

Lucy Mail said...

All that remains now is for someone to explain what Mr Spart means by, well, any or all of that somewhat intense missive.
Not too many months ago, I probably would've been able to understand it by myself, but I'm afraid I've become a Neighbours/Home And Away addict since then.

Anonymous said...

'Sitting up and joking with nurses' eh? He'll be dead by the end of the week.

Anonymous said...

Get well soon!

Eastcliff Richard said...

Lucy! Good to see you back! I thought you'd been turned into scratchings!

Anonymous said...

Do read the biographies of Leonard Cheshire to learn how one conducts oneself as a patient in hospital.

Group Cap Lenny received a visitor on the ward.

As the nurses scurried about their duties Lenny would point at them, like exhibits in a Zoo, and talk about them as if they were not there. "I call that one ...... and that one ..... and that one .... she is the little fool who managed to drop a whole tray of tea yesterday"

"Ooooh Mister Leonard you are such a one and no mistyke", giggled the nurses ????????

Funny how he formed a charity which has 80% of its homes unfit for purpose and no mistyke. (Leeds University Dr Laurence Clark)

So you know where not to spend yer convalescence ???