Friday, November 02, 2007


I spotted one of our luxury Transeuropa ferries languishing out at sea yesterday afternoon. Normally the sharp bit at the front of this vessel would be pointing either 90 degrees to starboard (that's right to us landlubbers) from its current position, if it was heading for Belgium, or 90 degrees to port if it was heading into Port Ramsgate.

It seemed as if the captain had decided to take his passengers on a diversionary cruise to Boredstares. Why? Only he can answer that question. Meanwhile if any of you nautical types out there have an explanation, do leave a comment.


Michael Child said...

Richard this is Ramsgate yesterday from a few miles perhaps he was lorst

Eastcliff Richard said...

Compass trouble, eh? Yarrr!

Anonymous said...

nah, the gardenia usually sits off the coast of margate to shelter, when there is no berth for it in ostend or the port authority says it cant stay in ramsgate on berth no. 2, its actually quite a common occurance! =]