Monday, September 17, 2007

The Veg Of Teh Known World

Cripes! A new company styling itself 'Thanet Earth' is set to build seven, eight metre high glasshouses on the Ile - covering the equivalent of 75 football pitches - and fill them with tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers. Construction of the glasshouses, and a 30,000 square metre pack-house, is due to start in March 2008. The first commercial crops, which will be grown 24/7 using heat and lights, will hit the supermarket shelves in autumn 2008.

Should make a pleasant change from the usual pot plants and fart bushes cultivated in these parts.

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Anonymous said...

All the eastern Europeans should feel quite at home then!

Anonymous said...

This is the big scheme the Montgomery's at Monkton Road Farm put together a few years ago and eventually got planning permission for from TDC. It will cover the fields to the east of St Nicholas Roundabout up to seamark Road and will have the A28 into Birchington on its N boundary and the Thanet Way to the Monkto Road roundabout on its Southern boundary. The plans are extensive and can be got from TDC on line. On a sunny afternoon wear your shades if you are driving your Bentley into Thanet as the reflection will be quite dazzling. 500 jobs to be created and as 7.45am suggests the work force will be looking for accommodation as they are unlikely to be from Thanet!

Anonymous said...

Our own Plastic Valley!