Monday, September 03, 2007

Charity Begins At Ramsgate

Whilst on an urgent mission to the Costcutter for essential provisions yesterday (high strength painkillers), I noticed a new charity box next to the till.

Being a millionaire, I usually deposit any spare coppers in the RNLI lifeboat as those chaps do marvellous work, and all deserve to be cannonised in my humble opinion. Often, however, the lifeboat is stuffed to the gunwales as other millionaires hereabouts feel the same, and so it was on this occasion. So I moved on to the St John Ambulance box, but that too possessed an elegant sufficiency. It was at that point that I spied a new, third box for something called Beach Within Reach. As it didn't sport a registered charity number, merely a mobile phone number, I have to admit I was slightly sus, but I popped my two pennorth in nonetheless.

This morning I checked on the Charity Commission website, and it seems that Beach Within Reach was formed in June this year, with the primary aim of relieving the needs of people with a physical limitation by supplying, operating and maintaining four all terrain wheelchairs together with associated items for use on Ramsgate Main Beach to enable equal access for people of all ages with a physical limitation and for use by local organisations and charities who work with people with a physical limitation in order to enable them to both use the sands and enter shallow water. More details can be found here.

So, a genuine and worthy cause after all. By the way, you may have seen those posters advertising the Quality Coast Awards around the place. I've already done my bit and given Ramsgate a write-up, if you'd care to do the same you can find their site here.


derick97 said...

Good on yer Richard,

derick97 said...

Bye the way happy hangover,I mean birthday richard

Eastcliff Richard said...

Thanks Degsy old sport!

polly said...

Best beach in Thanet with good facilities, so why aren't TDC bothered it has failed its Blue Flag award for the last two years. due to water pollution? It was the first Thanet Beach to get the award.
TDC are aware, but don't care. Is it just because it's in Ramsgate?

Eastcliff Richard said...

Good point Polly.

Interesting to note though that the Marine Conservation Society has awarded Ramsgate Main Sands a basic pass three years running, with Ramsgate overall receiving an MCS recommendation.

For comparison, they gave Viking Bay a basic pass for 2007, a recommendation in 2006, and a fail in 2005 with 'swimming not recommended'.

Polly Titian said...

Interestingly, TDC didn't even bother to apply for a Blue Flag for Ramsgate Main Sands this year.
Doubt it will ever get one if they industrialise the Port as they are intending. Perhaps that is why they aren't making any effort?