Saturday, September 01, 2007

Venice Of The North

Before I tool off and get astonishingly drunk with my Finnish fiends, I see that yesterday's Times mentioned Exodus, that Channel 4 film they made in the Arsonists' Playground last year. It's been entered for the Venice Film Festival. Here's what they say about Margate:

Exodus features 25 nonactors who were given speaking roles, and more than 800 extras. All are from Margate, Kent, which thrived when Turner painted there but which today is defined by unemployment, drugs, crime and asylum-seekers.

Talk about give a dog a bad name.

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Gardfahl said...

Don't you read the frickin Thanet Times Eastcliff? I wrote a story on this ages ago! Old news I says. Oh, it makes me mad, real mad I tell yer.

Thanet Resident in Exile said...

Finns aren´t what they used be

Margate is bound to see some demographic changes en route to the creation of Sandy beachs coffee culture.

I hardly think the times is worthy of mentioning these days.