Tuesday, September 04, 2007

All Agog At The Synagogue

Our local biblio-bloke, Michael Child, who owns the splendid Michael's Book Shop in Ramsgate's trendy King Street, has been out and about with his camera again. His latest collection is from the recent rare open day at the Montefiore Synagogue and Mausoleum between Dumpton Park Drive and Hereson Road.

For those of you with only a slender grasp of Ramsgate history, Sir Moses Montefiore was the original millionaire to settle in the Millionaire's Playground, way back in Victorian times. He was a renowned wit, and a huge benefactor to the town. I like to think I'm continuing that tradition.

According to his entry in Wikipedia in 1873 a local paper mistakenly ran his obituary, to which his response was: 'Thank God to have been able to hear of the rumour and to read an account of the same, with my own eyes, without using spectacles.' A local paper making a mistake? Surely not!

Anyhoo, you can see all Michael's photos here. And I'm not one to be picky, but why on earth he's got a link to the flying doctor on his front page, and not Ramsgate's current foremost citizen, heaven knows!


Anonymous said...

Perhaps he suffers from good taste?

Eastcliff Richard said...

Now now, Doc (for a quick shufti at my sitemeter tells me it is he).

I've only been mildly caustic towards you over the past few weeks, so please take those chips on your shoulder back down Peter's Fish Factory where they belong.

Michael Child said...

Richard I have added you to the front page between Simon and Gerry (don’t recommend looking at the Ramsgate First site if you suffer from epilepsy or have a hangover)

Just looked at my weblogs to see if any people looked at the pictures of the synagogue yesterday is says rather cryptically that 194 people entered the pages and 236 exited, so there may be a leak somewhere.

Eastcliff Richard said...

Thanks Michael. You clearly do have very good taste, contrary to the earlier doctor's opinion!