Thursday, September 13, 2007

Got The Painters In

Just a reminder that the Eastcliff Residents' Association meets tonight at 7.30pm. Special guest will be diminutive property magnate Terence Painter, who's i/c flogging the Pleasurama development should it ever be built.

Expect some tough questions about the height of the building, the concomitant repairs to our crumbling East Cliff, and whether every luxury apartment will come with its own life raft, due to it being built on a flood plain. Should have a full report for you tomorrow.


Justin Brown said...

I would have liked to have gone along to that and, were they to have held the meeting in the open air, I probably would have. Unfortunately, as fags have been banned in all public buildings, I'll just have to rely on your report of events.
On the bright side, I'm sure that the truth of the matter wouldn't be anywhere near as entertaining, so I'll be looking forward to it.

Anonymous said...

Notes on the meeting have been dispatched - never heard so much waffle in my life - talk about trying to wriggle your way out of a paper bag