Thursday, September 13, 2007

Picture This

As a patron of the arts, I'm often looking for new material to hang in the gallery here at my cliff top mansion. The Monets are quite nice, but to be frank I'm getting a bit bored with them. What it needs is something that reflects the area. Something with a bit of brine, a dab of decline, and a smidge of seaside seediness.

Which is why I was delighted to find the photographic musings of Mr DJ Bass on that flickr photo thingo on the internet. His studies of the tip of Kent are nothing short of superb. I could wax lyrical, but a million words would hardly do justice to his pictures. So I urge you to sneak a peek for yourselves.

Click here to see DJ Bass on flickr


Anonymous said...

Particularly liked the one of the sunset reflected in a lorry at margate but they are all good - thanks for telling us about them.

Little Weed said...

Thanks for pointing me towards them

Hog's View said...

This Bass chap really hits the nail on the head !. No arty farty stuff just reality, the way it should be !.Others take note !