Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Dreamland Themeland

The results of my latest 7-day poll show that a modern theme park or aquarium are your top choices for restoring Margate's Dreamland eyesore to its former glory.

Interestingly more people would prefer to let the place rot or burn down than build luxury apartments on the site. And less than a third felt that a heritage amusement park was just the ticket for revitalising the area's fortunes. The results in full (more than one choice was allowed in the poll):

Question: What should be done with Dreamland?

Modern theme park: 60% (24 votes)
Aquarium: 50% (20 votes)
Ice rink/other leisure: 40% (16 votes)
Heritage amusement park: 30% (12 votes)
Let it rot/burn: 17% (7 votes)
Luxury apartments: 5% (2 votes)

Don't forget our local council is currently holding a consultation on Dreamland until 12th October, so if you really do want a modern theme park, now's the time to tell them. So that they can ignore you and rubber stamp luxury apartments and a heritage amusement park, of course.


Anonymous said...

I felt a bit sorry for you when no one commented on the survey so here goes - I think the apathy is due to exactly what you suggested - we know what we'd like but we're also sure that we won't get it so why bother commenting as TDC never listen.

Eastcliff Richard said...

Apathy rules. Too many false dawns. Nobody can be bothered any more. We're exactly where the Tories want us. I'm off to open a vein!