Saturday, September 01, 2007

Those Crazy Finns!

I'm kicking back a bit today. It's my birthday. 29. At least, that what it says on the publicity handouts. I'm pretty philosophical about it. After all, as the great Finnish ski jumper Matti Nykänen once said: 'Tomorrow is always the future'. That was after he went on to become a boozed-up cabaret singer and male stripper, one assumes.

Actually there's a bit of a Finnish theme to today's celebrations, as I've booked my old Eurovision-winning chums Lordi to play in the marquee here at the CTM. I'm taking their advice and freezing some vodka to use as ice cubes in the, er, vodka.

Ah yes, they're a great bunch, the Finns. Open, honest and direct, as this clip amply demonstrates:

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