Friday, September 21, 2007

Dreamland Consultation

Yes yes. I know I said I was off to Facebook but regular reader Millicent has kindly sent me the survey for the TDC Dreamland consultation which the Uranians have seen fit not to put on their website.

So if you want to deluge Cecil Square, feel free to email me at and I'll pop the survey over to you as a .pdf document. Closing date for responses is 12th October.

Update: Thanks to Degsy for pointing out that the survey is now available online here.


derick97 said...

just filled it out on their website
and joined facebook, strange place?
but i gave you a poke as per instructions richard

MarkyWarky said...

Hello old boy, I'm back from the ex-colonies, at last! So my plan for the Margate seafront was taken up by TDC (in theory) I see.
But now it looks as if I will have to come up with an altenative for Dreamland... Good grief has one to do everything oneself! Then they take the credit for themselves anyway... Maybe see you in a watering hole for a sherry or two soon.

Eastcliff Richard said...

Sherry? I wouldn't even put it on the Christmas pud. Now if you've brought back a bottle of Dom, that's a different matter!

MarkyWarky said...

Well, I must say....

Mind you if you wanted to join a grown-up networking site linkedin dot com is the place for us professionals these days. I'm surprised you were not asked to join already given your VIP status!