Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Councillor Biggles?

Heavens above! I see that our local flying doctor is standing for the council in the May elections, on behalf of the Blue Rinsers.

Although not one of Mr Cameron's drooling pot smokers myself, I can only wish the chap happy landings. After all, it will make a pleasant change to see someone get a firm grip on the joystick of power. At the moment all we have is a bunch of Dad's Army types aimlessly marching up and down with broom handles (car-crushing Cllr Green excepted).

I'd stand for election myself, but unfortunately, due to the anonymous nature of my persona, nobody would know who I was!


DrMoores said...

Thank you and regardless of any political differences, I'm sure you'll recognise that I will do my best for the people of Westgate if they elect me.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that now Biggles is out of the closet and standing he's trying to be nice to people - even his oppomemts. He'll be scaring babies next.

Eastcliff Richard said...

Well as everyone knows, the Doc and I have had our differences, and I'm not a Tory supporter. But from what I can see you need to have a pretty thick skin to be a councillor in Thanet, so you've got to admire anyone who's willing to put themselves in the firing line. I hope Doc B's got his bullet proof vest handy!

DrMoores said...

No.. I'm just being polite!

Justin Brown said...

My God, you're gorgeous Dr. Sa.. er Simon!
I'd like to smear Branston Pickle all over you and lick it off! You could look upon it as training for future smear campaigns.
You simply ooze power and sensuality!!!

Sorry babe, that HAD to be said.