Friday, February 02, 2007

Hurray, Hurray, It's A Happy Monterey!

The aquarium is the major attraction here in Monterey, CA. It attracts visitors, and school trips, from all over the USA and beyond.

Of course, it would be great to have a similar facility on Kent's Ramsgate Peninsula. Having discussed the ins and outs with the higher echelons of the aquarium (the nice fellow in charge of the petting pool), it would appear that all you need is a local boy made good (in this case David Packard of Hewlett Packard fame), who has a spare $53m to bestow on something that his daughter happens to be very keen on (marine conservation).

Does anyone know if Mr Godden's got a daughter? And might she be keen on dolphins???

Not so long ago the only way they used to conserve marine life here was by canning it. Whaling and seal clubbing were also popular pastimes, as the street name suggests.

But now Prescotts can bask safely on the rocks in the harbour.

Well, there's a short tour of Monterey for you. I'm off to get a delicious confection from the fudge factory, which is conveniently located next to the, er, fudge factory.

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Justin Brown said...

I used to work in one of those factories as a fudge packer.
Good old days! (sigh)