Friday, February 23, 2007

The Tip Of Kent

One reader was so inspired by my recent post detailing a BBC weather forecaster's description of our part of the world that he's designed this natty shirt.

He's asked me if I would put the idea forward to our tourist board, but I can't see it enjoying a great deal of traction, as they say these days.

Although Kent Tourism might be interested. What with all the plans to concrete over the county, I hear they're considering renaming the place The Patio of England, so this could be the icing on the cake!


Anonymous said...

looks like a sore knob to me,
but then so does tdc,
Ah happy days

Justin Brown said...

That'll be the Penisular that you were banging on about then, will it?
Looks more like a bloated 'bird's button' to me (well, I've seen them in pictures. Ghastly looking devices!).
Given it's geographical location, I think that would be more appropriate, too.
I'm not sure how all of your millionaire friends that are clumped around the Viking ship would react to having their niche renamed 'Clitsend', though.

Anonymous said...

And there's more than one way to pronounce Acol.