Thursday, February 22, 2007

Greenhouse Omissions


Oops! I've had an email from occasional contributor Ron Councillor, correcting my previous post. Mr Councillor (not his real name) is one of the friendlier members of our local Dad's Army, albeit of the blue rinse variety. Think of him as a kind of Sgt. Wilson.

He writes:

I find your insinuation that the council does not consult with local people, or that we consult with them until they agree with us, quite insulting. Only this week we agreed to shelve plans for a development in King George VI park following vociferous objections. We have also blah Pleasurama blah pools blah Westwood blah blah blah etc.

The council have indeed called off plans to protect our world famous, early 19th century Italianate greenhouse from vandals by building 127 Wimpey homes around it, and I am happy to put the record straight.


Justin Brown said...

I'm not so sure that the smell of burgers would sit well with all the beautiful flowers around there, at all!

Cllr Liz Green said...

Indeed they have "shelved" the plans! Question is will they be taken "off the shelf" if they get back in following the election?
We already know the asset stripping (oops sorry!"review")has been postponed 'til May.
Last night, at Full Council, the Tories voted against a Labour amendment to the proposed new Montefiore Conservation area. Interestingly, the amendment was to include this "shelved" area. area. Wonder if the bricks have been ordered yet?............

Eastcliff Richard said...

Well, Cllr G, there could be nothing more like vandalism IMHO than building properties on the site.

If their aim really is to 'protect' that glorious greenhouse, how about a park warden or better security measures? Or is the protection line just a rather feeble excuse to justify the sell-off?

And Justin, good to see you back and getting to the bottom of things again!

Anonymous said...

I know ron councillor, and am sick of this sort of muck rakeing, coming from mediocre media luvvies

Cllr LIz Green said...

Couldn't agree more ER. Point is a park warden and security measures would cost them money. A sell off could, just possibly, help fill the old coffers at TDC.

Anonymous said...

Fill the coffers? Sandy seems to think it's going to pay for an Olympic size swimming pool!

ron councillor said...

I appreciate the correction but you have undermined the thrust of my email somewhat Mr Richard. We go out of our way to consult. In fact I would argue that sometimes we spend too much time consulting and not enough time acting. TDC is indeed rather peculiar in that respect in so far as everything it does is scrutinised in the local papers, and by bloggers like yourself, who expect some kind of response. I don't think you'd find the same amount of engagement in, say, a London borough.

Eastcliff Richard said...

Apologies Mr Councillor, but you can't expect to be treated that seriously when you controbute to a site like this, can you? And personally I think it's a good thing that local people are keen to scrutinise what the council is up to, considering some of the barmy ideas it gets into its collective head. By the way, any word yet on when our crumbling East Cliff is going to be repaired?

As for anonymous 10.39am - 'mediocre media luvvies'?? Crikey, I haven't aspired to those giddy heights for years!

Eastcliff Richard said...

Controbute? My word, the O must be goong on my typewroter!

Anonymous said...

'mediocre media luvvies'
IMHO i would sooner see the Rt Hon
Eastcliffrichard on our council
than some of the time wasting self-
pocket lining pratts we have now.
signed pissed off from Ramsgate